ZMan Scented PaddlerZ

ZMan Scented PaddlerZ are a realistic baitfish profile that are available in nine colours and 4” and 5” models to suit your favourite medium to large predatory species. They have already proven to be dynamite on flathead, snapper, mulloway, barramundi, mangrove jack and more. The segmented tail design of the PaddlerZ creates maximum action with minimal movement, making it an extremely versatile lure option – slow roll it like a swim bait, twitch it and hop it like a jerk bait, or retrieve it at speed for pelagic species. PaddlerZ feature ElaZtech, 10X Tough construction for ultimate durability. Other benefits of ElaZtech include its super-soft and flexible realistic feel that keeps fish biting, and built-in buoyancy that sees the tail standing up and moving with the water when at rest on the bottom. Available colours include bad shad, Houdini, electric chicken and smoky shad. Available in 4” and 5”sizes and 9 colours, PaddlerZ come in packs of five and are pre-scented with Pro-Cure to attract fish and trigger strikes.

Price: SRP $9.95

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