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ZMan Bait BinderZ

ZMan Bait BinderZ are the ultimate storage solution for your ZMan soft plastics, allowing you to find the model and colour you’re after in seconds. Bait BinderZ feature nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant rings that have been spaced to fit the reinforced, pre-punched holes in the bottom of standard size ZMan packets. This means you can store your ZMan plastics in their original packs, away from other plastics. There’s no space taken up by plastic sleeves and no double handling opening sleeves to get packets out, or leaving loose packets where they can blow out of the boat. Quick, simple and more time for fishing. Constructed from 500-denier nylon for durability, embroidered with the ZMan logo and featuring a carry handle for easy transport and securing to your vessel, the Bait BinderZ will hold 10-15 packets of ZMan plastics, depending on model.

Price: SRP $16.95


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