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ZMan 2.75” Finesse FrogZ

ZMan’s bite-size 2.75″ Finesse FrogZ features a realistic frog profile and twin paddle feet that create noise, water movement and a bubble trail that predators can’t resist. Rig it for surface fishing on a TT 2/0 ChinlockZ or ChinlockZ Finesse hook, hold the rod tip up and wind the Finesse FrogZ until you hit the magic speed where the feet are bubbling and it’s calling predators to attack. Alternatively you can rig the Finesse FrogZ on a TT 2/0 SnakelockZ or ChinlockZ SWS to fish weedless through cover, or even on a standard HeadlockZ or DemonZ jighead for sub-surface fishing. A bottom hook slot and deep top hook pocket protect the hook from fouling or snagging when weedless rigging, and the softness and flexibility of the ZMan 10X Tough ElaZtech ensures the plastic clears on the strike, exposing the hook and pinning the fish.       Deadly on bass, saratoga, mangrove jack, barra and more, this little frog is also sure to get eaten by a few surprises in both the fresh and salt water. It’s available in six colours, with four per pack.

Price: SRP $10.95

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