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Yamashita Egi Oh K

The new Yamashita Egi Oh K glow and keimura (UV glow) colours have arrived in Australia. The Egi Oh K jigs include the patented warm jacket technology, which turns light into heat, plus the following industry-leading features: Hydro Fin (unique to the market and acts as a stabiliser to reduce movement when sinking); pentagon hydro body (also unique to the market, its 5-sided body with flat bottom aids stability); tin sinker (made from environmentally-friendly tin, its tuning holes give the angler the ability to tune weight and sink rate); and G-Flash (a reflective lateral line which is also included in the larger Egi Oh GX jigs, and which creates increased flash and squid appeal). These new jigs also feature Hydro Eyes, which lie flat against the body and help to give the jig a smooth darting action. Their UV glow pupil and glow edge are unique to the market, and create an additional appeal to attract squid. To maximise hook-up rates, the double crown hooks have been tuned with the rear crown opened slightly wider. For more information on the Egi Oh K, or to find your nearest stockist, visit the EJ Todd website or look up ‘Yamashita Australia’ on Facebook.

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