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Wildfish Fly Selection Packs

The Wildfish fly selection packs from JM Gillies are sure-fire winners for those new to fly fishing, or for fly fishers who want to target new species or locations that they haven’t fished before. There are nine packs (10 Felty’s flies in each) in the range, and each pack is tailored to individual species and locations. However, there is plenty of overlap between them. For example, the Trout Streamer Pack would easily be at home in the kit of a bass fisher, while the Bass Pack contains flies that are just as at home in many tropical freshwater systems right across the north. And in the Billabong Pack, there are flies that would light up the eyes of a bass angler. All in all, it’s a very versatile selection that has been put together by Peter Morse. The newest additions in the Wildfish Fly Pack range are the Inshore Pack, Flats Pack and Barra Pack, and they are sure to please many fly fishers.

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