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Westin Salty the Shrimp

The Westin Salty the Shrimp R ‘N R (Rigged ‘N Ready) looks incredibly lifelike, and the reason is because it’s made from a 3D scan of a live shrimp. The Salty’s fluttering legs, natural whiskers and multi-jointed tail section all seem to move independently as this slow-sinking lure makes it way down in the water. This is a versatile lure, working on a range of saltwater and freshwater predators. You can cast and retrieve it close to the bottom with the occasional rod twitch to get it dancing, and pretty soon some hungry predators will come to investigate. This lure has a soft body with an internal weight, with an ultra-sharp and strong Japanese style sea fishing hook. To maximise attraction there’s a glass/steel rattle stick inside for great acoustics. Other features include natural feelers, optimized flexibility, multi-jointed for an enticing, lively action, internal mesh for maximum durability, and hand-painted detailing. The Salty the Shrimp R ‘N R comes in two sizes, 7.5cm (9g) and 10cm (18g), in a selection of proven colours, and comes in a pack of three.

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