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Warlock Cod Lolly

Just in time for big cod season, the Warlock Cod Lolly is here and ready to make an impact on the Murray cod fishing community. The Warlock Cod Lolly is suitable for the deeper dwelling fish that are a challenge to reach with other lures, and it has the ability to dive quickly to the required depth. This lure will get in the faces of big predators in their hidey-holes and put you I with more chances at landing that dream fish. The Cod Lolly has an incredibly enticing sideways swaying action that is irresistible to most predatory fish, especially big Murray cod in rivers and dams. The Cod Lolly is available in a range of striking colours and is very well built, with quality materials to handle the toughest predatory fish, and will see you through many memorable cod captures.

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