Venom Deluxe Headscarf

Wilson Fishing has just released the Venom Deluxe Multifunctional Headscarf, which takes a well-accepted product and improves it to make the headscarf much more user friendly. For starters, the material is much softer, being constructed from 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This makes the user far more comfortable during the day’s fishing. The design is also tapered to provide vital protection in two areas. Firstly there is a hump designed into the top of the front that more effectively covers the nose of the wearer. A similar, but slightly larger hump is also designed into the bottom to cover up that annoying spot at the base of the neck that is left exposed by zippered or buttoned fishing shirts. Rated by ARPANSA at 15+, the material is also moisture wicking, making it perfect for anglers fishing in hot weather. Comfortable and cool to wear, ideal for all outdoor activities and machine washable, the Venom Deluxe Multifunctional Headscarf is a brilliant clothing accessory to keep you on the water longer.

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