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Upgraded FG Wizz

The FG knot is the best braid-to-leader knot because it has the slimmest profile of any other knot, allowing you to reel it through your guides and use longer leaders. It’s also stronger than any other braid-to-leader knot. This tool leaves your hands free to tie a slim, uniform and reliable FG knot every time, quickly and easily. There is no need to use your teeth or your rod. The FG Wizz is compact so you can take it anywhere. This Aussie invention is hand-made by angler Ray Fewell. “The original FG Wizz has been selling well, and everyone who has one loves it,” Ray said. “If there has been any criticism at all, it’s the fact that it doesn’t handle heavy braids and leaders as well as the lighter sizes. That’s because the stems get drawn together at a faster rate. “The new version is more versatile, holding heavy leader better in the back bobbin when finishing the knot.” To see how easy it is to use, look up ‘FG Wizz’ on YouTube.

Price: SRP $44

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