The Stubby Strip

Aussie Brett Gresham developed the Stubby Strip to provide a convenient new way to carry beer and other beverages. It’s designed for the times when you just want to have ‘a couple of drinks’ – perhaps you’re in the car, watching footy at a mate’s place or having a BBQ at the park – but don’t want to lug around an esky. Designed to carry between one and seven drinks, the Stubby Strip has pockets that safely and conveniently store your beverages while keeping them cool. You just put the stubbies in the pockets, roll the Stubby Strip up, fasten it with the Velcro flap, grab the robust handle and you’re on your way. And you’ll never again forget your stubby holder because there’s a detachable one built in. As well as holding stubbies, the versatile Stubby Strip can hold soft drinks, water bottles, kids’ drinks and cans. And as an added bonus for keeping drinks cooler for longer, you can put a frozen water bottle in the middle pocket as an ice pack for the other drinks. Once the Stubby Strip is empty, you simply roll it up and stick it in your pocket. The Stubby Strip currently comes in five colours – black, camo, blue, red and purple. Scan the QR code hereabouts or visit the website to watch a video of the Stubby Strip in action. You can also ‘Like’ the Facebook page at to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Price: $29.95

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