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    Zerek Barra X Pro

    Wilson Fishing has taken the popular Zerek Barra X and given it a serious upgrade, creating the Zerek Barra X Pro series. This series has been built with extra strength in mind, as the target species include mulloway, barra and Murray cod.  The Zerek Barra X Pro also has a magnetic cast system that gives…

  • Lures

    Zerek Tango Shad upsized

    The incredibly popular Zerek Tango Shad has grown up; there are now two new, larger models which will be released at the AFTA Trade Show. The two new models are the 69mm and 89mm Tango Shads, and they both come in suspending and floating versions. Borrowing heavily from the original Tango Shad, the 69mm version…

  • Lures

    Zerek Bulldog Crank

    The latest addition to the Finesse Craft Series, the Zerek Bulldog Crank is a 38mm floating crankbait that weighs in at only 4g. Ideal for targeting fish in shallow areas, this lure has a tight wobbling action as it dives to around 2m during retrieval. The Zerek Bulldog Crank’s forward profile also makes it less…

  • Apparel

    Zerek Dry Fit Jerseys

    Designed to keep you cool and comfortable while you’re fishing, the Zerek Dry Fit Jerseys have been released in black and white colours with the distinctive Bluewater Craft logo. The Dry Fit material actively moves sweat away from the body to a separate fabric layer where it can evaporate away. This leaves you feeling dry…

  • Lures, Videos

    Zerek Skittish Dog

    Walk-the-dog lures are not that common and even less so, lures this size that perform. The Zerek Skittish Dog 85 answers a lot of questions and gives the answers all anglers want, while its bigger 115mm brother can do all the dirty work when big fish are on the cards. Weighing an easy casting 11g…

  • Latest Gear, Lures

    Zerek Surger

    With a tight wriggling action that perfectly mimics the motion of a foraging minnow, the Zerek Surger is set to take on larger predators. Thanks to its internal magnetic weight transfer system, the Surger has the ability to be cast a long way to cover those timid fish that always sit just out of reach….

  • Latest Gear, Lures

    Pink Zerek Tango Shad

    It seems the design team for the incredibly popular and successful Zerek Tango Shad cannot stop at just 20 colours, with the addition of colour PB to the range. This colour takes in every flathead angler’s favourite colour – pink – and adds UV sensitive yellow tiger stripes to enhance an already proven lure. The…

  • Latest Gear, Lures

    Zerek Step Slider

    The centrally weighted Zerek Step Slider is constructed from high-density lead to give the heaviest weight for the smallest profile – a combination that has been proving deadly on all manner of fish species. The central weight design allows the Zerek Step Slider to flutter on the drop, giving the appearance of a wounded baitfish…

  • Lures

    Zerek Live Flash Minnow Wriggly

    The Zerek Live Flash Minnow Wriggly brings an entirely new concept and appeal to a lure shape that is already extremely popular. They say looks can be deceiving, and that’s certainly the case with the Wriggly’s small paddle tail. The paddle is tiny, yet the effect it has on this lure’s action is immense. On…

  • Latest Gear, Lures

    Zerek Zappelin 220

      The Zerek Zappelin 220 is a brilliant 220mm, 130g floating stickbait that is built to be punished. An ultra-strong ABS body is coupled with a through-wire construction to provide a lure that is almost indestructible. Finished with forged split rings and 6x Mustad trebles, there is little doubt the Zerek Zappelin 220 is built…

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