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    New NedlockZ colours

    With the growing popularity of the Ned Rig in Australia, the TT Lures NedlockZ, ‘mushroom’ style stand-up jighead is now available in two new colours, chartreuse and orange. Originally available in black and green pumpkin colours, anglers were looking for a couple of strike trigger colours. Chartreuse and orange are popular highlight colours on hardbodies and…

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    TT Lures SwimlockZ

    TT Lures SwimlockZ jigheads have been designed for fishing large soft plastic paddle tail swimbaits, with a tapered head design that shifts the bulk of the head weight below the hook to control the torque of the tail, and reduce the tendency of big plastics to roll onto their side. Built on heavy-duty, black nickel Mustad…

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    TTs HeadlockZ Extreme

    The recent growth in larger soft plastics, including ZMan’s 8” Mag SwimZ and 10” HeroZ, has led to requests for jigheads that are both designed to rig effectively in these larger plastics and also capable of handling the serious fish that eat them. Enter the next level in TT Lures’ award-winning HeadlockZ range: the HeadlockZ…

  • Hooks

    Finesse ChinlockZ and SnakelockZ

    TT’s ChinlockZ Finesse and SnakelockZ Finesse jigheads are new weedless jigheads for smaller plastics. ChinlockZ Finesse are built on quality Mustad black nickel, chemically sharpened hooks and are available in sizes 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0 for those wishing to fish small plastics on the surface or slow sink them into structure. TT…

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    Fish Inc. Fullback stickbait

    The team at Tackle Tactics have added the Fish Inc. Lures brand to their stable of quality, innovative products. Australian anglers will now have access to Fish Inc. Lures range of stickbaits, poppers and hybrid baits that feature awesome finishes, come fitted with Owner trebles and have actions that have already proven to be dynamite…

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    TTs SnakelockZ Jigheads

    The latest addition to the TT Lures stable is the SnakelockZ jighead. Combining the ‘chin lock’ system from their ChinlockZ hooks, with the free-swinging front weight concept of their Snake Head jigheads, the team at TT have enabled anglers to secure their plastic with the ‘chin lock’ while offering maximum action and the weight required…

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    ZMan Khaki caps and visors

    The growing popularity of ZMan’s 10X Tough ElaZtech soft plastics has also seen an increase in the range of ZMan apparel available to Australian anglers who are keen to share their passion for both the sport of fishing and the ZMan brand. ZMan headwear was originally available in a variety of Realtree camo designs and…

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    Zman 4” SwimmerZ

    The ZMan 4” SwimmerZ developed a passionate following among anglers chasing mangrove jack, barramundi, mulloway, flathead and more, thanks to its realistic mullet profile, 10X Tough ElaZtech construction and super-soft and flexible, realistic feel that creates an incredible life-like swimming action, even at dead slow retrieve speeds. When ZMan US decided to discontinue their painted…

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    TT Lures Vector Micro Jigs

    TT Lures design and manufacture their products in house from start to finish, ensuring a high level of quality and a finished product that stands up to hard hitting and hard fighting Aussie species. This has led to numerous requests for TT Lures micro jigs and in turn the development of the Arrow and Vector…

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    TTs Arrow Micro Jigs

    The design of the TT Lures Arrow Jig is based on an arrow squid, complete with a quality silicone skirt for added realism and movement. Balanced for casting and designed for vertical jigging, the Arrow Jig is a versatile presentation. Its skirt creates a seductive horizontal sink and triggers strikes on the drop, coming to…

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