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    Astro Vibe and Hummer colours

    Strike Pro is releasing a couple of new colours in its highly popular ranges of Astro Vibe and Hummer 40 lures. The new colours in the Astro Vibe range will offer all the features that you find in the current Astro Vibes, including the UV reactive polycarbonate belly with internal rattles. Astro Vibes combine the best…

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    Strike Pro Guppie New Colours

    Strike Pro has released two new colours in its popular Guppie swimbait lures and spare tails. There are three crltails and 1 Paddletail in 5 colours to match the Guppie lures. The TrueGlide Guppie has been the gold standard for handmade wood glide baits throughout Europe and the U.S.A. The paint schemes incorporate using paint or…

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    Galaxia Minnow new colours

    The Strike Pro Galaxia Minnow was the first Strike Pro lure released in Australia, and over many years it has been extremely effective in both fresh and estuarine waters. The Galaxia Minnow has now been released in six hot new colours that are certainly going to be very effective on many species. This deep diving baitfish…

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    New Astro Vibe colours

    Strike Pro’s very successful Astro Vibe 45 has been a standout in the Hobie Bream series and Vic Bream Classic series, and has helped anglers win a number of events. Now two new fish-catching colours have been added to the range: 612E and 793E. Like the other colours in the Astro Vibe range, the new colours incorporate…

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    Strike Pro Slinky Minnow 85

    Strike Pro has released a bigger version of its popular Slinky Minnow. The Slinky Minnow 85 is a superb surface slide bait that darts and swims like an injured or fleeing baitfish or prawn. The Slinky Minnow sits at rest with its tail underwater at 45° and can be worked with an erratic swimming action,…

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    New Strike Pro Hummers

    The new Strike Pro Hummer 65 and 75 are bigger versions of the ever popular Strike Pro Hummer 45 lure that has become a favourite with estuarine anglers. The Hummer is a plastic vibe that is perfectly weight balanced to allow the lure to sit on the bottom perfectly on its lip. It has a…

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    Strike Pro Finesse Bug

    Developed in Australia by Strike Pro’s Pro Tournament Team, the Strike Pro Finesse Bug can imitate a prawn, nipper, crab or nymph. Finesse Bugs feature a powerful secret shellfish formula infused into the plastic so there is no messy liquid in the bag. This potent scent attracts fish and triggers them to strike. The smooth…

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    Strike Pro Astro Vibe 45

    The Strike Pro Astro Vibe now comes in two new colours, 780E and A18ES. This lure combines the best of both worlds – a metal blade and a rattling vibe. This allows for a transparent finish to be achieved in a metal blade, and the belly section also contains a UV additive for added attraction….

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