• Lures, Tackle

    Egilicious Squid Jigs

    The Fish Inc. Egilicious features a unique take on popular colour patterns, a tail design that is 3° higher than standard jigs to minimize snagging and fouling, and its fine Japanese Owner hooks. These super sharp and ultra-thin stainless steel hooks not only mean a better catch rate but also fewer jigs lost. They open with…

  • Lures

    Daiwa Emeraldas Nude 1.8

    Developed in Australia, the new Emeraldas Nude 1.8 model is truly unique and features many design innovations. The Emeraldas Nude 1.8 is a visual and action jig. Its unique lifelike pattern and smooth body is designed to attract a squid by sight and action. Its smooth body design allows the lure to dart and slide…

  • Accessories

    Geecrack Lurekeeper

    This clever tool is yet another innovative creation by Japanese company Geecrack, and it’s designed so you can secure your lures, squid jigs or hooks to your baitcasting or spin reel. Lurekeepers are made in Japan and have a patented design. At one end of the Lurekeeper is a thin, flexible strip that goes underneath…

  • Lures, Videos

    Valley Hill Squid Seeker

    Japanese company Valley Hill has created a range of squid jigs called Squid Seekers, designed specifically for anglers targeting squid in deeper water. To achieve this, Valley Hill has created a clever design that incorporates a heavier, streamlined, integrated head weight which distributes more weight towards the front. This causes the jig to sink much…

  • Indepth Reviews, Lures

    Tested: Award winning DTD squid jigs

    DTD is a company in Croatia that produces high quality squid jigs and accessories, which are distributed worldwide. Croatia sits on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, and boasts some of the most beautiful shallow reefs in the world, so it’s not surprising that they’re producing such good gear. We at Fishing Monthly were lucky…

  • Lures

    Kraken Half Nude Egi

    Finally, an answer to the argument of cloth jig vs hard jig! The unique Kraken Half Nude Egi from River2Sea has a cloth back and a fluid-filled belly, giving it the action of a hard jig with the feel of a cloth jig. The fluid that fills the Kraken Half Nude Egi has a couple…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Egi Oh Q Aussie Edition

    Yamashita have worked in collaboration with Australian anglers to release a special limited edition series of colours in the Egi Oh Q Live series. With five glow body versions and one red tape model, these jigs are ideal for use in low light conditions or at night. The three natural baitfish imitations – the King…

  • Lures

    DTD Wounded Fish

    DTD, a fantastic producer of fishing equipment from Croatia that specialises in squid jigs has just brought out a new jig for the upcoming season. The Wounded Fish is a powerful squid jig with some superb squid catching characteristics. This product imitates live fishes. It is wrapped with a special strong cloth with realistic a…

  • Lures

    Valley Hill Rocketeer Slicer

    Japanese squid tackle giant Valley Hill has updated their range of technologically advanced squid jigs. The Rocketeer Slicer stands out as one which combines traditional design with modern ingenuity. From the unique metal plate head situated at the nose of the jig (which allows the angler to secure line in two places depending on casting…

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