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    HypoTeez Buzz ‘N Blade

    If you want something different to throw at your local fish, check out the new HypoTeez Buzz ‘N Blade from Scandinavian company Westin. With a simple retrieve, this lure wiggles its body, buzzes its propeller and flashes its blade for maximum attraction. The Buzz ‘N Blade is made from tear-resistant material, is easy to cast…

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    Madeye 7” Paddle Prawn

    The runner-up for the Best Soft Lure at the AFTA Tackle Trade Show, the Halco Madeyes 7” Paddle Prawn, is constructed with Madeyes’ signature Rubber Stretch Technology. The super-stretchy compound enables the Paddle Prawn to withstand repeated strikes, making this 7” soft plastic lure ideal for species such as snapper, kingfish, amberjack and other demersal…

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    ZMan 4” Turbo CrawZ

    ZMan 4” Turbo CrawZ are a deadly jig, ChatterBait or spinnerbait trailer, as well as a versatile soft plastic presentation in their own right. Their specially designed Turbo ClawZ thump at even the slightest rod movement or reel crank and the buoyant, 10X Tough ElaZtech material allows the claws to rise up off the bottom…

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    ZMan 3.5” Trick SwimZ

    The 10X Tough ElZtech construction has allowed ZMan to create a paddle tail plastic with a long, thin, tail shaft and undercut tail that creates an action that needs to be seen to be believed. The design, combined with the super-soft and flexible, buoyant material means that as soon as the plastic begins to move…

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    River2Sea Dagger Bait

    River2Sea has created a new brand of soft plastic lures called Chasebaits, and one of the most interesting models in the new series is called the Dagger Bait. Creator Grainger Mayfield got the design concept from a knife. The lure has a thicker body like the handle of a knife, and a very thin, flat,…

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    So-Run Joker Shad and Joker Vert

    The new So-Run Joker Shad and Joker Vert from Rapala are two new and incredibly versatile soft plastics. They both come with a membrane on the tail, and this can be removed for increased tail speed. It’s perfect for when the bite changes and you need to change your presentation. The mid body crease enhances…

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    AFTA Winner: Fish Candy Smash Crab

    The Fish Candy Smash Crab is one ultra realistic lure, with fluttering legs and claws that give off a lifelike swimming action. It’s easy to use, even for baitfishers. You can just stick the rod in the holder and the Smash Crab will flutter enticingly to the bottom, then sit with its claws raised defensively….

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    Geecrack Beat Craw

    The Geecrack Beat Craw is a soft plastic yabby/shrimp imitation, now available in Australia through SA-based tackle wholesalers Dogtooth Distribution. Originally designed to service the Japanese and European bass fishing scene, the Beat Craw is now making a splash here in Australia, and is already having a massive impact on our native freshwater predators. The…

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    Pro Jig Worm and T-Tail Shad

    Two of the latest Powerbait releases are the Pro Jig Worm and 2.5” T-Tail Shad. The Pro Jig Worm features a classic worm body profile with the unique wobbling, padded tail. The beaver-like tail creates a wide, thumping action when it is worked through the water. On the drop or on the hop, the Pro…

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