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    Shimano Curado K

    Scroll down to watch video The next generation of Curado baitcast reels sets the benchmark in everyday performance and saltwater durability with the new K series. The Curado K series features the latest in Shimano’s innovative MicroModule gearing and X-Ship for smooth rotation, combined with the new SVS Infinity braking system for enhanced casting performance. To…

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    AFTA Winner: Shimano Sustain FI

    In creating the Sustain FI, Shimano has engineered a spinning reel that offers the perfect balance between rigidity and sensitivity. By leveraging the benefits of the Aluminum Hagane Body, the Sustain FI possesses the rigidity of a metal outer shell that maximizes impact resistance whilst eliminating body flex under load. To provide enhanced sensitivity, a Magnumlite…

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    Shimano Tranx

    The Shimano Tranx is designed to go toe-to-toe with the toughest predators. This series of baitcasting reels have been re-sized and spec’d up, and are perfectly suited to trolling for barra, micro jigging reefies or swimbaiting a Murray cod. The Hagane Body provides a rigid yet highly durable outer shell that’s free from body flexing. Additionally,…

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    Shimano Chronarch MGL

    Ultra-lightweight and top level performance is the best way to describe the new freshwater specialist Chronarch MGL bait caster. In pursuit of effortless casting and smooth winding, Shimano’s new Magnum Light spool design incorporates a unique porting technique that allows for precision cut holes to be inserted into the side of the spool. As a result…

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    Shimano Twin Power XD

    In Shimano’s pursuit of the ultimate in durability and performance, the Twin Power XD has been born and set a new benchmark for saltwater spinning reels. The battle tested cold forged Hagane Gear has received a significant upgrade through advancements in Shimano’s high precision technology, resulting in a strength rating that is comparable to one size…

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    Shimano Sedona FI

    The iconic Shimano Sedona has stepped up a gear for 2017 with the new FI series. Shimano has again raised the standard with the incorporation of the Hagane cold forged gear, which is free from any machine cutting or imperfections. This was once exclusive to Shimano’s premium range, and gives the Sedona incredible smoothness, strength…

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    Shimano Ultegra FB

    Shimano has released the long-awaited Ultegra FB series of reels. At their core is Shimano’s Hagane Gear, a cold forged piece of metal crafted with micron accuracy for incredible smoothness and longevity. X-Ship provides robust gear engagement under heavy loads. All models feature 5+1 shielded A-RB bearings. The drag output ranges from 3-11kg, and target…

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    Shimano Ocea Spouter

    The Ocea Spouter is a surface lure like no other. It looks pretty much like your standard cup-faced surface popper, but an internal chamber behind the face squirts a rooster tail of spray out behind the lure’s head as it is swept through the water. The principle is not unlike the front of a jet engine…

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    Shimano Nasci FB

    Shimano’s Nasci FB has many features not normally seen in a reel at this price point. Its cold forged Hagane gears offer an improved mesh transition, better durability, and much greater strength. When fighting XOS fish, these reels not only have the cranking power, but will retain the smooth rotation of an unloaded reel. Features…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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