• Rods, Tackle

    Samaki C-12 V3

    The new Samaki C-12 V3 is the lightest C-12 range of rods ever! The new 40-tonne prepreg blanks deliver the ultimate in strength, casting distance and power. The cork grips are perfectly tapered, and the ultra-light Fuji K and LKW silicon guides enhance the lightweight sensation. This premium rod series includes both spin and baitcast…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Samaki Pacemaker

    The Samaki Pacemaker range has been boosted with three new colour concepts and a wicked upgrade. The sleek design has been tweaked and fine tuned to allow you to troll faster with a wider trolling spectrum to attract a variety of species. The new yakka, redbait and coral trout colours let you target new species…

  • Apparel

    Samaki Big Barra

    Samaki’s newest barra shirt features a dark, stormy sky in the background as the beautiful girl leaps from the depths to engulf a Mega Bomb Shad. This brand new barramundi design has been drawn from the ground up, with amazing detail in the mouth, gills and every scale, and the eye is next level fish…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Samaki Squid Jig Box

    The newly Samaki Squid Jig tackle box is now available. This box stores your squid jigs individually without spike hook-ups, thanks to foam compartments which keep your jigs separate from one another. It makes life a lot easier being able to store your jigs in a box free from other jigs and saltwater damage. The…

  • Apparel

    Samaki Mangrove Jack

    The Manic Jack shirt takes red dogs to a new level! Aggressive by nature, this powerhouse of a species pounces at speed, attacking the Samaki Redic lure – and lurking in the background is the school of pups waiting for an opportunity to join in on the feast. The lightweight fabric is perfect for all…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Samaki Teflon knives

    Following an extensive design process, Samaki have produced a knife to suit all anglers. This knife fits comfortably in your hand, is built strong with a German stainless steel blade, and is rust resistant with a Teflon coating. The ultra-sharp German stainless steel blade is of the finest quality, with excellent durability and longevity, and…

  • Apparel

    Samaki Slick

    Samaki’s extensive range of sunglasses just got bigger. The Slick is here to stay, and alongside the current range are two awesome new colours: brown tort with an amber lenses and matt black with a copper lenses. Each model is designed for your target species and most loved fishing environments. The square-shaped Slick is so…

  • Apparel

    Samaki Mako Shirt

    The mako shark is impulsive, aggressive, agile, and every shark-lover’s dream! The blue green details of Samaki’s new Mako Shirt are enhanced from the background through to the underbelly of the sharks. With not just one but two mako sharks attacking at speed, the yellowfin has no chance! The lightweight fabric of this shirt is…

  • Apparel

    Samaki Red Emperor Shirt

    Samaki’s Red Emperor shirt stands out from the crowd. The rich colours throughout the reef are saturated in natural light, which enhances the detail of the fish. You can clearly see the red emperor’s detailed fins, wide mouth and watchful eye as it waits atop the coral, ready to inhale the Ecooda Live Shrimp as…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Samaki Teflon pliers

    Samaki premium stainless-steel tools have been developed from the ground up. The perfect combination of stainless steel and Teflon coating makes these pliers rust resistant, strong and durable. Every tool has been hand finished to ensure comfortable use and long-term performance. There are three precise models: two 160mm split ring models in straight nose and bent…

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