• Apparel

    Samaki Saltwater Barra Shirt

    Samaki’s Saltwater Barra long sleeve shirt brings you one of Australia’s most iconic fish species. Her almighty beauty is so prominent you’ll want to take a moment to admire each and every scale as she launches from the depths to attack the Samaki Vibelicious. With that elusive island in the background, stunning weather, copious amounts of…

  • Apparel

    Samaki Stargazer Shirt

    Samaki Stargazer shirt brings you one of Australia’s most iconic fish species for the ladies. The barra’s beauty is so striking you’ll want to take a moment to admire each and every scale as she launches from the depths to attack the Samaki Vibelicious. Running off the success of the ladies Dreamcatcher shirt, the Stargazer…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Vibelicious Midori Mullet

    Samaki Vibelicious brings a new colour to the lure market: midori mullet (‘midori’ is Japanese for ‘green’). This new pattern consists of a chartreuse coloured body with gold glitter scattered throughout, a green backbone, silver foil gills and a silver lateral stripe. This UV-enhanced colour has proven itself time and again around the country, attracting barra,…

  • Apparel

    Samaki Murray cod shirt

    Samaki’s latest fishing shirt puts a new twist on the iconic Murray cod. The Samaki Murray cod shirt features this iconic species in all its glory, with an electric blue design detail that enhances each and every feature – from the sharpness of the fins to the depths of the mouth. You can really see the…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Samaki Torpedo V2 Spinners

    The all-new Samaki V2 Spinner has some serious attitude. With sizes now ranging from 10g to 85g, these spinners hit the bullseye with each cast. You can throw them into a school of baitfish and attract every predator swimming around in anticipation, or alternatively you can re-rig them with an assist hook and drop them into…

  • Rods, Tackle

    Samaki Egi Inked

    The length of any egi rod must be right on the money. You want a perfectly balanced rod for casting those enticing jigs, and it must have power for distance casting, finesse for lure retrieval and sensitivity for the angler to feel the strike. Samaki Egi Inked stretches 8’6” in length which is absolutely perfect for…

  • Apparel

    Samaki Mighty Mulloway

    The Samaki Mighty Mulloway shirt features a mulloway chasing down the Thumpertail amongst some pylons, while mullet, bream and squid lurk in the shadows so as not to draw attention to themselves. The water laps around the pylons with so much detail you’ll feel as though you’re sitting on the jetty yourself! The lightweight fabric boasts…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Samaki Stainless Steel Pliers

    Samaki has released a new Stainless Steel Plier range, starting from a fine split ring plier of 150mm in length up to a long-nose reef plier with bent nose feature, to allow you an easy roll of the wrist for hook removal. These models complement Samaki’s very popular multi-purpose plier with gang hook features. The team…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Samaki Neon Fish Grip

    Samaki has launched into the tooling market for the first time, delivering functional, practical and solid tools for anglers. The new Samaki Fish Gripper is bright and easily accessible in the bottom of your tackle bag, with a white body and neon accents. You’ll never again lose sight of your grip while bringing fish aboard. With key…

  • Lures, Tackle

    New Pacemaker colours

    Renowned for its high speed trolling ability, the Pacemaker is now available in two new colours: UV squid and mahimahi. Pacemaker’s sleek design has been tweaked and fine-tuned to allow you to troll faster with a wider trolling spectrum to attract a variety of aggressive fish species. The ideal troll speed is 6 knots for most…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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