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    300mm Chasebaits Ultimate Squid

    Following on from the runaway success of the Ultimate Squid, Chasebaits has released a 300mm version. The upsized model has the same ultra-realistic, rolling wing action as the smaller 150mm and 200mm versions, and boasts an incredibly durable TPE construction (10X strong). It can be slow trolled or jigged to great effect on large reef fish,…

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    Chasebaits Rip Snorter

    With so many vibes on the market, the creative team at Chasebaits set out to provide something truly different. After many months in R&D, they have achieved their goal with the world’s first truly weedless vibe. It’s great news for anyone who’s lost a lot of expensive vibes, or who is too afraid to fish…

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    Chasebaits Frill Seeker

    The new Frill Seeker is one of the latest lifelike creations from Chasebaits, and when you watch a video of it swimming you’ll know why it caused such a stir at the AFTA Trade Show. The Frill Seeker can be used as a surface wakebait or subsurface, diving to 1ft. Its fluid, lifelike movement comes from…

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    Chasebaits 200mm Ultimate Squid

    The 150mm Chasebaits Ultimate Squid has taken Australia by storm, catching a huge range of species in both fresh and salt since its 2017 release. Now, in response to angler demand, the Chasebaits team has released a 200mm version for anglers targeting larger offshore species. The larger model has all the same features that made the…

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    Chasebaits Bobbin’ Frog

    The Chasebaits Bobbin’ Frog is designed to bob up and down and move like a real frog. It has retracting arms and incredibly lifelike legs, presenting an incredibly realistic presentation to the fish. Made of super strong 10X material, the Bobbin’ Frog is robust, flexible and soft enough to ensure an easy weedless hook-up when fishing…

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    Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb

    Is it a tadpole, a fish or mouse? No! it’s the Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb! This unique and versatile soft plastic lure has been designed to give an incredible wiggly tail action on the drop, a nice leg kicking action on the retrieve and a bonus weedless set-up for those anglers who want to fish deep into…

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    AFTA Winner: River2Sea Smash Squid

    [Scroll down to watch video] The River2Sea Smash Squid looks exactly like a real squid, right down to the wings that ripple through the water. It’s so lifelike that a video of it swimming received over 214,000 views in a matter of days! Creator Grainger Mayfield from River2Sea says it’s the most realistic squid ever made,…

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    AFTA Winner: River2Sea Shogun Swordfish Rig

    The River2Sea Shogun Swordfish Rig took out top spot in the hotly-contested Terminal Tackle category in the AFTA Best of Show Awards. Its design was based around the most popular swordfish rigs that anglers use, and it has been thoroughly tested in waters off Victoria and Tasmania with great success. Unlike some of its competitors, the…

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    Chasebaits Smash Crab Junior

    After the release of the hugely popular 100 Smash Crab, creator Grainger Mayfield was flooded with requests to make a smaller version to appeal to more species. Now it’s finally here: the Chasebaits 75mm Smash Crab, which has achieved runner-up position at both the ICAST tackle trade show in the USA, and the AFTA tackle trade…

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    River2Sea Shogun Ice lines

    The Shogun range of fishing lines has been designed for Australian anglers, and is made from the highest quality Japanese materials. Shogun is a proven player in the fishing line sector. One of the latest lines is Shogun Ice Blue, which offers an impressive balance of high strength, exceptional abrasion resistance and a soft, supple…

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