• Camping & 4WD

    Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing

    Engineered with an innovative sawtooth pattern to disrupt and redirect airflow of oncoming wind, the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Wind Fairing reduces wind noise and resonance for a quieter drive. Not only will it effectively deflect the air surrounding your load, the Pioneer Wind Fairing doesn’t take up any of the usable space. The Wind Fairing has a…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning

    Rhino-Rack’s new Batwing Awning provides 270° of refuge, and comes with top quality brackets that have a high and low fitting position. Its integrated legs simply unclip from the storage position and drop into place, making it a one-person job. The rare earth magnets, which click to hold the arms in place, allow for quick and…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Rhino-Rack Shovel Mounting Bracket

    The Rhino-Rack Shovel Mounting Bracket is the perfect accessory to keep your shovel at the ready for when you get bogged. The Pioneer Shovel Mounting Bracket mounts directly onto the Rhino-Rack Vortex crossbars or Rhino-Rack Pioneer systems. Rhino-Rack’s Pioneer systems were designed to maximise your load capability while freeing up space inside your vehicle for ultimate…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Folding Aerial Bracket

    The Rhino-Rack Folding Aerial Bracket is the perfect solution for anyone looking to lower their total vehicle height or adjust angles of rooftop components. The Folding Aerial Bracket will raise and lower aerials, spotlights and more while garaging vehicles or driving in areas with limited height clearances. This eliminates the need for constant installation, removal and…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Rhino-Rack Pioneer range

    Pioneer Rooftop Trays will maximise your carrying potential and, unlike cheap steel imitations, they’re built to last. the These lightweight yet strong rooftop accessories are constructed from aluminium and fibreglass reinforced nylon. The first model is the low profile Platform, which has minimal wind drag and noise. With a flat design and no side rails, you…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Rhino Rack Swag

    Video From larrikin exploration TV personalities, All 4 Adventure, and veteran Australian outdoor brand, Rhino-Rack, comes the Swag you’ve been waiting for: The All 4 Adventure Rhino Rack Swag. This swag has been designed to tackle even the toughest and most unforgiving of terrain. Waterproof and durable, this domed unit is strong enough to be laid…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Roof racks on Lockdown

    Valuable items left on roof racks have now become more secure, thanks to the Rhino-Rack Cable Core Lockdown. The Cable Core Lockdown base simply mounts onto your roof racks, or Rhino-Rack Pioneer system. You can then loop the cable around items that require extra security, insert the cable back into the base, and lock it…

  • Camping & 4WD, Videos

    Rhino-Rack StealthBar

    Rhino-Rack’s Vortex StealthBar is a unique roof rack system that is designed for use in conjunction with factory raised rails. This low profile (35mm) roof rack system comes preassembled for easy, stress-free installation. It can accommodate up to 80kg of luggage, fishing rods, camping gear and whatever else you need carried safely and efficiently. A…

  • Camping & 4WD, Videos

    Rhino-Rack Dome awning

    Rhino-Rack’s Dome 1300 awning easily mounts to the front, side or rear of your vehicle to provide protection from the rain or sun. The amount of shade it provides isn’t affected by a vehicle’s (lack of) height, because it can stand well over 2m depending on the vehicle you mount it to. The roof domes…

  • Camping & 4WD, Latest Gear

    Rhino-Rack Sunseeker Base Tent

    Rhino-Rack’s Sunseeker 2.5M Base Tent has a tried and tested poly-cotton construction, and large, tough flyscreen doors. Designed to attach to the underside of the Sunseeker Awning, the Base Tent is quick and easy to set up. An extension flap rolls out from the outer awning, providing extra shade and protection from wet conditions, and…

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