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    Okuma Epixor XT Spinning Reel

    The award-winning Okuma Epixor XT offers a quality build and a load of features at a very affordable price. The build includes Okuma’s C-40X long strand carbon fibre technology, which is substantially stronger than standard graphite. At 25% lighter, 50% stronger and 100% anti-corrosive, the Epixor’s body, frame and side plate are extremely lightweight and durable. Other…

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    Okuma LRF rods

    LRF rods feature Okuma’s patented UFR technology (Unidirectional Fibre Reinforcement), which uses an outer layer of longitudinal fibres around the blank. This increases the lifting power and also the maximum strength of the rod by up to three times that of a standard blank. Other features include quality Seaguide XO guides, with SS316 frame and SIC…

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    Okuma Komodo SS

    The Okuma Komodo SS features stainless steel main gear, pinion gear and drive shafts, along with a multi-disc, high output Carbonite drag system, giving it a level of power and durability that is the best in its class. Drag output levels include 11kg maximum drag on the 350 size and 14kg maximum drag on the…

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    Okuma Azores Blue

    The new upgraded Okuma Azores Blue spinning reel offers anglers a true heavy-duty saltwater reel and big fish stopper that won’t break the bank. Designed specifically for saltwater fishing, with proven power features and a patented interior design, the Azores Blue is much more durable, strong and smoother than other reels in its class. Features include…

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    Okuma Helios SX Spin

    The new Okuma Helios SX is all about high end performance and cutting edge features at an affordable price, and it’s now available to Aussie anglers in a 20, 30 and 40 size. Okuma’s new C-40X long strand carbon fibre technology is substantially stronger than standard graphite material, and is also 25% lighter and 100% anti-corrosive. Combine…

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    Okuma Helios Spin

    The new Helios Spin from Okuma boasts an ultralight build with a heavyweight performance, the sort of top end performance perfect for tournament anglers and hardcore fishers alike. The Helios is made from lightweight C-40X carbon frame and side plates, and C-40X Cyclonic Flow Rotor for corrosion resistance.
 The Torsion Control Armor reduces twisting, and the…

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    Okuma Makaira

    The new Okuma Makaira is built to the highest standard, using the very best and toughest materials, ready to do battle with the largest fish in the ocean. The Makaira’s fully sealed waterproof body is built tough to handle the 30kg of maximum drag pressure that the sealed, dual-force carbon element drag system can deliver. The…

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    Okuma Metaloid

    Okuma specialise in super tough reels, and this new member of the line-up is no exception. The Okuma Metaloid sports a full metal body, and a spool designed for carrying heavy braided lines. The one-piece handle makes the reel easy to use, and it can be changed from left to right hand wind and vice…

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    Okuma Inspira

    The new Okuma Inspira spinning reel delivers lightweight performance well above its price range. Featuring Okuma’s Torsion Control Armor Design, made with Okuma’s C-40X long-strand carbon fibre technology, this design not only significantly reduces the weight of the reel, it is also extremely rigid, which reduces torque and keeps all internal parts in perfect alignment….

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    Tested: Okuma Azores

    Fishing offshore is a tough game. You’re fishing in a turbulent, salty environment where the things you hook will run hard, change direction in a split second, and every so often be eaten by something bigger and more powerful. Not only is it tough on you, but it also tests your gear to the very…

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