• Accessories, Tackle

    Mustad Worm Binder

    Mustad has just released two Worm Binders, a single and double. Constructed from tough, waterproof 500D tarpaulin, these Worm Binders are sealed with a waterproof zipper for the ultimate in safety for your gear. Zip locked inner plastic pockets for lure storage (10 in the single version and 20 in the double) allow anglers to carry more…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Mustad XL Jig Wallet

    Jig fishing anglers will love the Mustad XL Jig Wallet, a jig wallet designed to accommodate all of your jig fishing needs. The XL Jig Wallet contains storage pockets that are constructed from tough mesh to allow the jigs to breathe and dry, yet remain safe in transport and use. There are five extra large jig…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jig

    Mustad has released a range of bucktail jigs designed for fishing freshwater through to the deepest saltwater ledges. Built on the 32824NP-BN 2X strong hook, the Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jig features two line tie positions to give the angler options. The nose tie lets you cast and retrieve the jig, mimicking a swimming action. The…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Mustad Lip Gripper

    Mustad has upgraded their MT21 Lip Grip with some new additions that make this great tool even better. For starters, the new cosmetics make this tool jump out with anodised blue and black the theme throughout. The grip arms have also been tinkered with, changing from a one arm operation to a two arm operation. The…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Mustad 10” and 12” Filleting Knives

    Mustad has released two new quality knives for anglers who have a need for a larger filleting knife. The two knives (MT41 and MT42) are Teflon-coated to ensure durability and reliability, and the edge is super-sharp to allow performance straight out of the packet. Coming with a belt scabbard, both knives will be ideal for bigger…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivels

    Introducing the new Mustad range of precision made, high quality stainless steel bearing swivels! These little pieces of machinery are designed to last, and nothing escapes as these swivels are world leaders in terms of start up inertia and ease of movement! Made from the strongest stainless steel possible in a factory owned by Mustad to ensure…

  • Hooks

    Mustad Octopus goes large

    The incredibly popular Mustad Octopus hook has had two larger sizes added to the range – 10/0 and 11/0 – expanding the range from size 4 through to 11/0. The Mustad Octopus hook features classic lines that allow the hook to be snelled onto leaders or simply tied with a conventional knot via the turned…

  • Line

    Mustad Thor Braid

    Made from super high strength Spectra fibres, Mustad’s Thor braid uses an exclusive 4-strand NR braiding process that gives Mustad Thor braid a thin, round and smooth profile for trouble free casting. The advantages of Mustad Thor braid include a quietness through the guides unlike other braids, allowing for longer casts, better presentations and easier…

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