• Camping & 4WD

    New Dolphin LED lantern

    Dolphin Eveready has introduced its brightest ever floating torch. The new Dolphin LED lantern features new technology, ergonomic design with rubber grip, and four powerful LEDs offering 200 lumens of light output, meaning it shines twice as bright compared to the previous model. Over the past 49 years, more than 20 million Dolphin torches have…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Pelican 2780R LED headlamp

    Meet the Pelican 2780R LED Headlamp – the most powerful Pelican headlamp available. With this new light you can own the night with main, downcast, flashing and main/downcast combo LED modes. With 558 lumens of bright LED light, you’ll have the perfect companion for your fishing adventure. Whether it’s an early launch, night fishing or…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Led Lenser SEO Series

    The SEO Series of headlamps from Ledlenser have been upgraded to become the ultimate adventuring companions. There’s a focused beam for long distance and a homogenous spill-beam for up-close reading, and the most powerful model, the SEO7R, omits a whopping 220 lumens to a distance of 130m. The lightweight, rechargeable lithium battery means that it…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Moji XP Lantern

    Simple and durable with 150 lumens of power, the waterproof Black Diamond Moji XP Lantern provides bright, ambient light for camp cooking, card games and illuminating your tent. The Moji XP’s collapsible, double-hook hang loop makes it easy to attach to tents, tree branches or guylines, and the single power switch also dims the light…

  • Camping & 4WD

    LED Lenser P7R

    LED Lenser have introduced an economical and rechargeable P7R waterproof compact torch. Replacing its AAA-powered predecessor, the P7R boasts a new battery and charging system, boosting burn time without compromising on quality or power. Producing an enormous 1000 lumens, the P7R outputs a beam distance of 210m. This medium-sized torch is super light, weighing only…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Black Diamond Moji Power Station

    Black Diamond Moji Power Station not only provides 250 lumens of light, but it also charges handheld electronics via USB. A multi-functional, ultra-bright lantern for camping, the Moji Power Station’s super-simple design features multi-power charging capabilities and runs off direct AC (with adapter, not included), an enclosed rechargeable battery or standard AA alkalines. The Moji…

  • Accessories, Camping & 4WD

    Black Diamond headlamps

    Black Diamond’s updated headlamp range has been designed to increase performance. The new 2016 Spot model (200 lumens and IPX8 waterproof) has a focus on ease-of-use. With a sleek housing that keeps dry in even the worst weather, the Spot features PowerTap technology, keeping on-the-fly adjustments at your fingertips. It’s durable and bright, for everything…

  • Camping & 4WD

    New Vizz is the biz

    The much-loved Vizz series has undergone a makeover. An upgrade to 205 lumens means it packs a greater punch than any headlamp in its category. It’s easy to activate the three different beam profiles – you just press, hold, or double press the button. This activates a powerful spot beam, then a dimmable flood beam…

  • Camping & 4WD

    ET80 and ET100 Emergency Torches

    In any maritime emergency, a reliable and quality-made torch can always lend a hand. The ET80 and ET100 Emergency Torches from GME are constructed from high visibility yellow polycarbonate, so they’re easy enough to find. The ET80 and ET100 are near indestructible, with a buoyant contruction, they have waterproof casing and are multi-function LED torches…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Night Prowler light bar

    Night Prowler’s LED light bars, which fit onto the front of your vehicle or the side of your caravan, are as durable and rugged as the terrain you’ll be exploring. The 20” Night Prowler 120W model is no exception and features three beam options: Spot Beam, Flood Beam and Combo Beam. Spot Beam’s concentrated light…

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