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    New Astro Vibe colours

    Strike Pro’s very successful Astro Vibe 45 has been a standout in the Hobie Bream series and Vic Bream Classic series, and has helped anglers win a number of events. Now two new fish-catching colours have been added to the range: 612E and 793E. Like the other colours in the Astro Vibe range, the new colours incorporate…

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    Zest Shovelhead Jigs

    The superb new Shovelhead Jigs are a magnificent jig for jigging shallower water, when smaller baitfish are being targeted, and when a more finesse approach is needed. The Shovelhead Jig features one side that is scalloped out and an opposite side that is rounded, which makes this jig really move and flutter through the water. The Shovelhead…

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    Bushranger T-Spoons

    Spoons are a fantastic tool for targeting deep-school fish in our freshwater impoundments, and Juro Oz Pro Tackle have just introduced a spoon that’s perfect for this caper. The Bushranger T-Spoon has an enticing erratic action that fish find very appealing, with a swaying action when drawn through the water, and a seductive fluttering action when…

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    Senshi Egi Pro Jigs

    Senshi have released seven new colours in their ever popular Egi Pro Series Squid Jig range that will certainly land plenty of squid this season. Each jig is perfectly weight balanced for a precise, lifelike swimming action with a high quality lead keel. Senshi Egi Pro Series Jigs feature high quality cloth materials, oversized eyes, and…

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    Zest Ruddertail Jigs

    The outstanding new Zest Ruddertail Jig has some fabulous new features that give this jig an impressive action. The key feature on the Ruddertail Jig is its metal rear wings, which impart an enticing action and make these jigs dance and slide through the water column. The Ruddertail Jigs come in a 200g size, are 170mm in…

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    CFS PE8 Fish Floss

    CFS (Custom Fishing Solutions) Fish Floss Braid is made from 100% pure PE fibre material from the USA to produce one of the world’s finest and thinnest lines. This high performance, 8-carrier braid features a rounded body construction that helps reduce wind knots, backlashes and rod tip wrapping. Fish Floss braid also features an advanced Teflon…

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    Zest Spearhead and Cuttlefish

    The impressive new Spearhead and Cuttlefish Jigs from Zest mimic squid and cuttlefish perfectly for deep water jigging. The Spearhead is a 200g, 180mm long jig that comes factory rigged ‘centre balanced’, which makes the jig flutter through the water. You can reverse this by swapping the hook to the other end; then the jig…

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    Strike Pro Tiny Buster Jnr

    The Strike Pro Tiny Buster Jnr is the smallest model in the famous Strike Pro range of Buster Jerk lures. These highly popular baits have sold over 1,000,000 units throughout the world in the past 10 years. The Tiny Buster Jnr is a slide bait that has an amazing action that many fish find appealing. The…

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    Butterfly Ice Jig

    The XP Bait Butterfly Ice Jig, with built-in ‘butterfly wings’, is like no ice jig you’ve ever seen before. As it sinks its wings open up, slowing the glide and making the jig flutter through the water column. This keeps the jig in the strike zone for longer and in the fish’s face. When the…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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