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    AFTA Winner: Rio Direct Core Flats Pro

    Some lines cast far with ease, but leave you flailing when fish show up at your feet. Others do just the opposite. The new DC Flats Pro line has easy annealing, a low-memory core that lays perfectly straight on the water, a low stretch Direct Core for hard solid strip sets and a mid-length head and…

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    Fins Evolve braid

    Fins ‘Evolve’ is constructed from a next generation Hybrid Fibre Concept (HFC), meaning it’s hardwearing and perfect for going up against some of the toughest animals with fins in the world. It has been formulated and designed for the tough Australian conditions and Australian fish. State of the art fibres combine to provide maximum casting distance,…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Gillies Bluewater Saury

    The new Gillies Bluewater Saury lure is designed to mimic the popular pelagic baitfish and will be in its element chasing tuna, mackerel and all other predatory species. The Saury comes with 10/0 VMC single hooks and heavy-duty rings and hardware. The heavy duty, stainless steel, wired through construction ensures the lure will stand up to…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Classic Bluewater Trolling Skirts

    The new Bluewater Trolling skirts from Gillies feature unique hand-poured heads, attractive graphics and finish detailing their trademark Bluewater logo in the eye. Other features include a supple silicone skirt, a quality finish to the resin head and skirt attachment, two different swimming actions, and tried-and-tested, fish-catching colour combinations. The 6”, 8” and 10” Bluewater…

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    New Plano Worm StowAways

    Plano has released two new Worm StowAway utility boxes, both of which feature a dual-sided design and transparent lids for quick and easy identification of contents without opening. The 361610 model comfortably holds eight bags of soft plastic baits, and has one angled compartment per side (each comfortably holds four bags). There are four shallow, fixed-divider…

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    Asari Bluewater Wind-on Leaders

    New to the Asari range are the Bluewater Wind-on Leaders, designed with the serious bluewater angler in mind. These longer length leaders come in poundages ranging from 100lb all the way through to 400lb, and they can be up to 7.5m in length to cover most bluewater fishing situations. These leaders are perfect for anyone who…

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    StumpJumper Mega

    StumpJumpers have been around since 1986, and this lure has proven its worth time and time again on Aussie natives. The latest addition to the StumpJumper series of lures is the new Mega StumpJumper – a plus sized version of its smaller brothers. This specialty lure is a serious piece of kit for those chasing fish…

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    Gillies landing nets

    The new range of Gillies landing nets are constructed from powder-coated aluminium and are strong and lightweight for ease of use. The silicone rubber netting is fish-friendly, knot-free, rot-free and durable. And because it is transparent, it won’t spook the fish when you land them. Perfect for catch and release! As storage can be an issue…

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    Customise your lures!

    JigSkinz are a shrinkable and inexpensive covering designed to help protect the paint on your new lures, or to rejuvenate your old favourites after they have lost their paint. This product can also revamp an old lure that hasn’t caught a fish yet.  JigSkinz work by slipping the new skin over your old lure and placing…

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    AFTA Winner: Rio Big Nasty fly lines

    The Rio Big Nasty is a fly line specifically designed for casting big flies. Originally used the US to throw big streamers at big river brown trout, word got out and now Australia is bringing them in to cast big flies for our natives! As the name suggest, the Big Nasty allows an angler to…

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