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    Zerek Speed Donkey

    The Zerek Speed Donkey is so named because it holds in extremely well at speed and attracts large ‘donkey’ fish. At 140mm long, it’s the perfect baitfish profile for offshore waters, estuarine waters and big rivers where mullet and gar are found. The Zerek Speed Donkey has through-wire construction, 6x Mustad trebles and forged split…

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    Nomad DTX Minnow

    The DTX Minnow is a revolution in trolling minnows, featuring Nomad Autotune, Hydrospeed and Gorilla Through Wire advanced design technology. The DTX (Dogtooth Extreme) entices and stands up to the toughest fish in the ocean. The unique design creates a distressed baitfish swimming action, and the Nomad Designed Autotune tow point and bib system means…

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    Butterfly Ice Jig

    The XP Bait Butterfly Ice Jig, with built-in ‘butterfly wings’, is like no ice jig you’ve ever seen before. As it sinks its wings open up, slowing the glide and making the jig flutter through the water column. This keeps the jig in the strike zone for longer and in the fish’s face. When the…

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    Storm Arashi Vibe

    Storm have raised the bar in the vibe market, with the new Arashi Vibe. Sporting a very handy moving tow point, where the tow point can slide depending on the lure’s movement, this vibe is incredibly versatile. Being so versatile, they are perfect for both vertical jigging and casting applications. They give off fantastic vibrations…

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    Balista Trance

    For years Balista has been giving anglers the edge in lowlight conditions and dirty water, and their latest release is the 50mm Trance. The Trance features Balista’s miniaturised LED system. This technology has been proven time and again in larger lures for Murray cod and barra, and now it’s game on for smaller species such…

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    X-Rap Twitchin’ Mullet

    Perfectly profiling the size and action of a vulnerable baitfish, the Twitchin’ Mullet measures 8cm, weighs 13g and its subtle, relaxed side to side action is designed to perform a wide twitching ‘walk-the-dog’ swimming movement on a steady retrieve. Alternatively, the slow sink rate allows the lure to glide deep into pockets of structure where predators…

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    Geecrack Gilling

    A new hardbody swimbait from Japanese lure maker Geecrack is set to explode on the Australian freshwater gamefishing market. This new model is called the Gilling, and the attention to detail the precise construction make this Japanese-made lure a step above its competitors on the Australian market. Surprisingly though, the Gilling won’t cost you an…

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    Reaper 110 and Reaper 130

    Designed in Australia for Australian fish, the Austackle Reaper is built strong, with straight through, one-piece wire plus upgraded hooks and rings. With a deadly tail shake and body roll, it’s the perfect baitfish imitation for barra, mangrove jack, flathead, mackerel, tailor and other pelagic species. This new lure features  UV colours and solid rattle,…

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    Tiemco Jumbo Cicada

    The Jumbo Cicada, distributed in Australia by EJ Todd, is the largest profile cicada available from Japanese lure maker Tiemco. The new Jumbo features a 70mm, 13g floating body with a loud single knocker ball bearing, which creates a deep, fish-calling sound. Like its smaller brother the Soft Shell Cicada, the Jumbo Cicada has soft…

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    Bassday Sugar Slim 70

    With the same attention to design, detail and performance as the Sugar Slim 55, the Sugar Slim 70 is the lure to use when predators are on the prowl for something a little larger. A floating, narrow baitfish profile that imitates a dying baitfish, few slim-line minnow imitators look this good, cast this far, or…

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