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    New Laser Pro 190XDD bib

    Do you want to troll fast and deep but on line classes that still allow you to enjoy the fight, rather than drag it in on heavy gear? Halco have the answer: the new Laser Pro 190XDD Crazy Deep bib, which trolls faster and is far more stable than its predecessor, while reducing the amount…

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    Halco Max 220

    If you love the sound of a reel screaming in agony as line pours off the spool, then Halco Tackle has developed the perfect lure for you in the Max 220. Halco has developed an ultra tough, sinking, bibless minnow that will get the attention of any XOS Wahoo and Mackerel, huge Tuna and other massive…

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    Halco Slidog 150

    If you’re into launching a lure over the horizon and looking for that bone-jarring, nerve-rattling strike as you rip it back, the all-new Halco Slidog is just the ticket. Halco has developed an ultra tough, sinking, sliding stickbait that is sure to give you a workout from all the GTs, XOS mackerel, large tuna and…

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    Halco Trembler 70XS

    Halco has expanded its popular range of Trembler lures with the addition of the Trembler 70XS. The Trembler 70XS is a virtually indestructible bibless minnow that can be cast, jigged or trolled for outstanding results on a wide variety of sport fish. This lightweight, rapid sinking lure weighs a total of 16g and is 70mm in length. It…

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    Halco Madeyes 4” Paddle Prawn

    Scroll down to watch video Like the 3”, 5” and 7” versions, the Madeyes 4” Paddle Prawn soft plastic can withstand repeated strikes thanks to its durable body, incorporating Madeyes’ proprietary Rubber Stretch Technology (RST). With its RST technology, the lure is very durable, is enhanced with a natural squid scent, and many colours are…

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    Halco Laser Pro 140

    The Laser Pro family got a new member with the official launch of the Laser Pro 140 being released in late April. While taking considerable time to come to market, the boys at Halco believe the Laser Pro 140 will be well worth the wait. At 140mm long, it is just a perfect baitfish size, allowing…

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    Halco Max 110

    Scroll down to watch video The Halco Max 110 is an awesome bibless minnow suitable for both casting and trolling applications, in a smaller and more effective size. This new Max is 110mm long and weighs a substantial 30g. Its slender profile casts like a bullet into the strongest breezes, and it is heavy enough to…

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    Halco chrome tiger colour

    After extensive product development and field testing, Halco has expanded its colour range. The new pattern is called R49, also known as chrome tiger. It is now available in the Laser Pro 190, Laser Pro 160, Max 190 and the Max 130 models due to popular demand. Based on a highly reflective body, the R49 chrome tiger features…

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    Madeyes 8” Flick Stick

    Halco has introduced the newest member of the Madeyes family: the 8” Flick Stick. Like the 3” and 5” versions, the Madeyes 8” Flick Stick can withstand repeated strikes thanks to its durable body incorporating Madeyes’ Rubber Stretch Technology (RST). It features deep belly indentations and subtle side gill slits so additional Halco Catch Scent or…

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