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    New Semi Hardz Vib sizes

    The popular Semi Hardz Vib is back bigger and better. Featuring the same attention to detail and innovation in design and action as the Semi Hardz range that preceded it, the 75mm and 110mm models answer the calls from anglers for a large lure to catch large fish. From bottom bashing down deep, to casting…

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    Bassday Sugar Slim 70

    With the same attention to design, detail and performance as the Sugar Slim 55, the Sugar Slim 70 is the lure to use when predators are on the prowl for something a little larger. A floating, narrow baitfish profile that imitates a dying baitfish, few slim-line minnow imitators look this good, cast this far, or…

  • Lures

    Atomic Trick Bitz

    Every lure fisher likes to pimp their lures, whether it be a new, innovative paint scheme or a touch of extra weight or flash for added fish-catching appeal. Atomic has answered the call, combining under one banner a range of products designed to make your lure stand out from the crowd. A toolbox for your…

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    Megabass Dying Fish

    Dying Fish is a topwater lure designed to imitate a dying baitfish on the surface. Unlike traditional lures, the Dying Fish is able to swim sideways, allowing for the angler to target new, nearly impossible structure where those trophy fish may be hiding. Equipped with three tow points, Dying Fish has a few tricks up…

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    Megabass Flying X and Psychic

    Two of the latest lure releases from acclaimed Japanese manufacturer Megabass are the Flying X and the Psychic. Imitating a flighty prawn, the Megabass Flying X will have any surface enthusiast keen to try out the erratic action produced by this lure’s unique shape. Designed to be swum quickly across the surface or twitched underneath,…

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    Megabass Popping Duck and Picus

    The new Megabass Popping Duck has been designed to stop the curse of low hook-up rates, the Popping Duck is equipped with rotating swivels for both front and rear hooks. Another unique factor is its action, creating a solid popping sound with minimal moving distance, allowing the angler to stay in the strike zone and…

  • Camping & 4WD, Videos

    Kershaw Camp 18

    From slashing a path through the bush to making kindling, the Camp 18 is the ultimate heavy-duty outdoor and survival tool. And for those of us who like a bit of extra badassery, it can also double as a pirate cutlass. This full-tang 18” knife is made of carbon tool steel for toughness and wear resistance….

  • Rods

    MajorCraft Giant Killing

    Majorcraft burst onto the scene in 2013 with a range of affordable spin and baitcasting models all featuring quality Fuji components and the new Light Jigging series runs true to the brand ethos. Due to the growing popularity of light jigging in Australia, we’ve introduced another rod to the range in the Giant Killing, a…

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    Atomic Hardz new colours

    Atomic have introduced a range of new colours across the estuary lure range including surface lures. After extensive testing by the Atomic team, these new lures have been proven in the field and include Silver Wolf and Gold Wolf patterns, which are extremely lifelike. The Silver Wolf gives off an impossibly true blue silver colour…

  • Lures

    Atomic Hardz Shiner 75 and 85mm mid depths

    The Shiner range of lures has expanded with the addition of two new diving depths in the 75 and 85mm versions, which are perfectly balanced for the 2.0-2.5m depth. This makes them ideal for anglers chasing mangrove jack, barra and even threadfin up north close to the banks over shallow timber. One cast and a…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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