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    Bassday Bun

    The Bassday Bun is the latest addition to the expanding range of Bassday lures in Australia. Bassday’s surface lure collection features some of the finest fish catchers available, and now the team have added this sub-surface wakebait to the range. The Bun is a realistic beetle imitation. It is a floating, shallow running wakebait, designed to…

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    Samurai Egi rods

    Samurai produces some of the finest, lightest and crispest feeling rods in the world, and they have turned their attention back to squid or egi rods. When Samurai began, they had some of the sleekest, multi-tapered graphite blanks for this style of fishing, and the new models take that technology even further. The new Samurai Egi…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Bassday Backfire

    Bassday’s expertise in the surface lure market is second to none, with the Sugapen one of the deadliest surface lures available. Bassday’s newest creation, the Backfire, was originally designed for black porgy (sea bream) in Japan, but it has proven itself in our local conditions already. And like the Sugapen, this new lure is set to…

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    Sugar Deep 90 Barra Tune

    Japan produce some of the most lifelike lures in the world and the Bassday Sugar Deep 90 Barra Tune is no exception, except this time it’s been tuned for Aussie conditions. This realistic 90mm jerkbait is available in seven fish-attracting colours, covering everything from clear to dirty water, making them ideal for inland dams as…

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    Samurai Osprey boat rods

    Samurai has released a new series of all-rounder boat rods with user-friendly actions and a wide weight range, perfect for any offshore boat style fishing. These very versatile rods can be used for bait fishing, lures, trolling, casting or for the keen jigger. Each rod is fitted with the finest rod components by Fuji — anti-tangle K…

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    2-Piece Atomic Arrowz

    Atomic Arrowz rods launched in early 2017, and brought together advanced designs and the finest Fuji components assembled on a full-graphite blank. Designed originally as series of 1-piece rods, they are now available in 2-piece models featuring the same high quality components. The focus has been on the Estuary, Offshore and Bream models, and ensuring no…

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    New Semi Hardz Vib sizes

    The popular Semi Hardz Vib is back bigger and better. Featuring the same attention to detail and innovation in design and action as the Semi Hardz range that preceded it, the 75mm and 110mm models answer the calls from anglers for a large lure to catch large fish. From bottom bashing down deep, to casting…

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    Bassday Sugar Slim 70

    With the same attention to design, detail and performance as the Sugar Slim 55, the Sugar Slim 70 is the lure to use when predators are on the prowl for something a little larger. A floating, narrow baitfish profile that imitates a dying baitfish, few slim-line minnow imitators look this good, cast this far, or…

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    Atomic Trick Bitz

    Every lure fisher likes to pimp their lures, whether it be a new, innovative paint scheme or a touch of extra weight or flash for added fish-catching appeal. Atomic has answered the call, combining under one banner a range of products designed to make your lure stand out from the crowd. A toolbox for your…

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    Megabass Dying Fish

    Dying Fish is a topwater lure designed to imitate a dying baitfish on the surface. Unlike traditional lures, the Dying Fish is able to swim sideways, allowing for the angler to target new, nearly impossible structure where those trophy fish may be hiding. Equipped with three tow points, Dying Fish has a few tricks up…

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