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    Fish Inc Fly Half

    The Fish Inc. Lures Fly Half 80mm popper is built tough, with heavy-duty ABS construction and solid wire through body design, to punch above its weight, and comes fitted with HD Owner trebles. At 16g it casts like a bullet, and its unique keeled belly design and balanced weight allows it to be retrieved easily with…

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    Fish Inc. Right Wing

    The Fish Inc. Lures Right Wing is based on the popular 120mm, 50g Wing sinking stickbait, configured with heavy-duty Owner singles rather than the trebles found on the original Wing. Inline singles are preferred by some anglers who believe they are stronger, more difficult for the fish to dislodge and a better option for catch…

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    Fish Inc. Lock

    The Lock from Fish Inc is a long jerkbait that imitates a long, slender baitfish. This is a versatile bait that can be used to target a wide variety of fish species including kingfish, salmon, mackerel and many more. The Lock has a built-in weight transfer system that assists with casting distance and provides an erratic…

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    Winglet Little Bullet

    The Winglet from Fish Inc Lures has been designed following the popularity of the Wing, with the intention of creating a smaller profile of the same bait. This enables you to match the hatch in the area you’re fishing. It’s the same weight of the Wing at 42g, but instead of the ABS construction, is made…

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    Fish Inc. Prop

    The latest addition to the Tackle Tactics stable of brands is the Fish Inc. Lures range of stickbaits and poppers. These lures feature quality finishes, durable construction and come fitted with genuine, heavy duty Owner trebles. One of the latest Fish Inc. releases is the Prop. This 140mm, 62g sinking stickbait casts like a bullet,…

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    Fish Inc. Fullback stickbait

    The team at Tackle Tactics have added the Fish Inc. Lures brand to their stable of quality, innovative products. Australian anglers will now have access to Fish Inc. Lures range of stickbaits, poppers and hybrid baits that feature awesome finishes, come fitted with Owner trebles and have actions that have already proven to be dynamite…

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