• Lures, Tackle

    Lucky Craft Sammy Bug 100

    Following on from the success of the Sammy Bug 75 wakebait, Lucky Craft has released a larger version: the Sammy Bug 100. Sammy Bugs feature a unique adaptation that generates attention-grabbing topwater action. At the front, the Lucky Craft Sammy Bug features a large-cupped mouth that slaps against the surface, creating a prominent splash and an…

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    Sunline Siglon PE

    Sunline‘s newest braid, Siglon PE, offers superior performance at an affordable price. Made from EX-PE fibres, Siglon PE is a tightly woven braid that provides superior abrasion resistance, a very thin diameter for its breaking strain, and minimal stretch. It is very easy to manage, with a stiff yet ultra-smooth and round profile, and is available…

  • Rods, Tackle

    NS Black Hole Boca Popping rod

    NS Black Hole make rods for jigging, popping, and slow jigging in their brand new Boca range, but it was the popping that got runner up for Best Rod at AFTA. Popping has become very popular in the last few years, and this addictive fishing demands the best quality in hardwearing equipment, and this is why…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Live Target Trout Swimbait

    [Scroll down to watch video] Live Target has combined nature’s best with modern technology to create an exciting new collection of swim baits. There are 11 models in the series, all representing different species such as mullet, sardines and perch, but the one that received the most praise at the AFTA show was the Trout Swimbait….

  • Line, Tackle

    AFTA Winner: Sunline Siglon PEx8

    Sunline‘s newest braid, Siglon PE, comes in both 4-carrier and 8-carrier, but it was the x8 that won praise at the AFTA show! Made from EX-PE fibres, Siglon PE is a tightly woven braid that provides superior abrasion resistance, a very thin diameter for its breaking strain, and minimal stretch. It is very easy to manage,…

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    Lunkerhunt Popping Frog

    The Lunkerhunt Popping Frog calls fish in from afar by creating a surface disturbance. The Frog’s concave face catches water, creating a commotion with popping and spitting noises. Once the fish come over for a look, the lure’s lifelike swimming legs convert looks into explosive strikes. Fitted with a strong double hook, the Popping Frog…

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    Tiemco Jumbo Cicada

    The Jumbo Cicada, distributed in Australia by EJ Todd, is the largest profile cicada available from Japanese lure maker Tiemco. The new Jumbo features a 70mm, 13g floating body with a loud single knocker ball bearing, which creates a deep, fish-calling sound. Like its smaller brother the Soft Shell Cicada, the Jumbo Cicada has soft…

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    Egi Oh Q Aussie Edition

    Yamashita have worked in collaboration with Australian anglers to release a special limited edition series of colours in the Egi Oh Q Live series. With five glow body versions and one red tape model, these jigs are ideal for use in low light conditions or at night. The three natural baitfish imitations – the King…

  • Rods

    Dark Horse Popping rods

    Casting stickbaits, poppers and metals at tuna and other pelagics has never been so much fun.
 The Dark Horse Popping rods from N.S Black Hole feature balanced blanks for optimal casting and fighting performance. The long fighting foregrip, striking blue blanks and latest carbon cloth technology make the Dark Horse Popping rods excellent value for…

  • Rods

    Dark Horse Bass series rods

    NS Black Hole have released a new series of light to medium class rods suitable for many Australian sportfishing scenarios. Dark Horse Bass series rods encapsulate both spinning and casting models, from light 4-8lb spinning models suitable for bream and bass, through to heavier 10-20lb baitcast rods powerful enough for both barramundi and Murray cod….

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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