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    New 3” Deus colours

    The BIWAA Deus 3” paddle-tail now comes in four new colours. These soft finesse swimbaits are tailored for a wide range of techniques at any retrieval speed, and are ideal for trailers on skirted jigs, or rigged on a jighead for bream and bass. The Deus is injection-moulded using two different densities of plastic. The…

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    Tiemco Lonesome Sweeper

    EJ Todd, the Australian distributor of Tiemco, has expanded the colour range of the popular Lonesome Sweeper surface lure, bringing the total number of colours to six. The 75mm Lonesome Sweeper is a popular topwater lure for tournament bream anglers. It is rigged with feather trebles, has a neon fibre tail and a jointed body…

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    LiveTarget Flutter Shad

    Winner of Best Saltwater Hard Lure at ICAST 2019, the LiveTarget Flutter Shad jigging spoon mimics a shad fluttering in distress. The Inner Core produces a vibrant flash, the feather hook creates drag and holds the hook in the ideal strike position when falling. You can lift and drop to create a falling shimmy action,…

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    Dobyns Skirted Football Jigs

    Dobyns Football Jigs are hand-tied with custom coloured skirts in a combination of round rubber and premium silicone for a natural flowing action. They are built to the specs of professional bass angler Gary Dobyns, who has won over a 100 major tournament victories in the US. These jigs feature a football head shape that…

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    LiveTarget Slow Roll Shiner

    The award-winning LiveTarget Slow Roll Shiner features Injected Core Technology (ICT) which produces a lifelike ultra-realistic metallic core with lifelike eyes and scale patterns produces large amounts of flash and providing perfect balance, while the outer Exo-Skin generates a hard-thumping paddle tail action. The result is a perfect looking, shimmering baitfish profile inside a larger,…

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    BIWAA Baltik 7 inch Paddle Tail

    The Baltik Swimbait 7″ is one of the newest members of BIWAA’s soft swimbait line-up, and has been designed by one of BIWAA’s most innovative pro staffers, Kevin Hernandez. The Baltik Swimbait 7″ looks as good as it performs, and is great for a wide variety of presentations. It can be fished with great effect…

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    Palms Turn Pop

    The new Palms Turn Pop is designed to target smaller species like bream and whiting on the surface. Fitted with a treble on the belly and twin assist hooks at the rear, this proven set-up will convert more strikes into hooked fish. The rear assist hooks are also fitted with red rubber legs, giving the…

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    Snowbee XS-Plus Thistledown flyline

    Based in Plymouth in the far South West of England, the team at Snowbee are spoilt for choice with their fly fishing options, and understand the need for quality products. Snowbee’s XS-Plus Thistledown weight forward floating line is no exception, and the addition of the new 5-7wt model will be welcomed by the fly fishing…

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    Biwaa Deus 5” and 6”

    The Biwaa Deus is a custom designed soft finesse swimbait, and it’s now available in 5” and 6” sizes. The dense belly allows it to keep an balanced keel, even while unweighted. Hook slots are provided to create a perfect weedless presentation, or you can use a standard jighead or use it as a trailer. A…

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    Yamashita Egi Oh K

    The new Yamashita Egi Oh K glow and keimura (UV glow) colours have arrived in Australia. The Egi Oh K jigs include the patented warm jacket technology, which turns light into heat, plus the following industry-leading features: Hydro Fin (unique to the market and acts as a stabiliser to reduce movement when sinking); pentagon hydro body…

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