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    Lunkerhunt Popping Frog

    The Lunkerhunt Popping Frog calls fish in from afar by creating a surface disturbance. The Frog’s concave face catches water, creating a commotion with popping and spitting noises. Once the fish come over for a look, the lure’s lifelike swimming legs convert looks into explosive strikes. Fitted with a strong double hook, the Popping Frog…

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    Brote swimming rubber jig

    The Brote swimming rubber jig has been designed in Japan and makes an excellent shallow water snapper jig. The Brote’s enticing side-to-side action is achieved with a simple slow roll. The rubber legs and skirt dance behind the lure and look amazingly similar to a fleeing octopus. For best results let the jig sink to…

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    N.S Black Hole Avenger rods

    N.S Black Hole’s new range of rods, the Avenger series, are made up of stylish rod builds, feather light blanks and a wide range of models from finesse bream to heavy barra, so you’re covered wherever you’re fishing. The latest additions to the range include 2 ultra light bream rods for finesse fishing and an…

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    Hybrid Shrimp

    Based on the overwhelming positive response to the Rigged Shrimp released in 2014, the new Hybrid Shrimp is a natural compliment to the Shrimp family. This bait earned its name by merging a hard-lure with soft-lure attributes built into a single design. The Hybrid Shrimp generates additional swimming action through the soft legs that wiggle…

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    Maria Fla-Pen

    I’ve always been a sucker for lures that are a little ‘different’. Decades ago I used to have to acquire them as I travelled overseas – Japanese, South African and American tackle stores were endless sources of enjoyment. Nowadays, there’s a lot of great stuff available domestically. I can walk into my local tackle store…

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    Keroll Bug and MAX

    The Keroll Bug, a new Lucky Craft surface walker, is a noisy, fish-attracting topwater lure. It features a wide cupped face which creates a loud splashing sound to call in the fish. The MAX is fitted with a glow stick attachment and comes with 2 glow sticks so you can easily track the lure at…

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    Sunline PE-Egi ULT

    Sunline Saltwater Special PE-Egi ULT braid provides feedback like no other. This super-fine braid is the ultimate in high performance, giving you the sharpness and toughness you need for dynamic casting and aggressive pumping. PE-Egi ULT is made with ULT-PE for superior strength, stiffness, sensitivity, and abrasion resistance. Super-sensitive line design gives you precise, instant feedback…

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    N.S. Black Hole Avengers

    The latest addition to the N.S. Black Hole range of spin and cast rods, the Avenger series features stylish rod builds and genuine Fuji componentry. All rod blanks feature WXW (Wide X-Wrapping) carbon paper and deep D joint rod joins for the best connection between tip and butt sections without any flat spots. Fuji tangle-free K…

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    SKT Magnum

    Big lures catch big fish, so Lucky Craft and Skeet Reese have teamed up to create the Lucky Craft SKT Magnum for what Skeet calls, “crankbait fishing on steroids”! These lures are fitted with a precisely designed bib to produce less pull, so you can burn them back to the boat all day without wearing out…

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    Helpful Pointers

    Two of the latest lures from Lucky Craft are the LL Pointer 180 and LL Pointer 200. The 180 is a jointed sinking jerkbait with excellent swimming action. This 180mm, 52g lure combines a nice, slender profile with an excellent swimming action. The line tie is on the lure’s nose but pointed downward at a 45º angle,…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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