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    DTD White Killer Oita

    The White Killer Oita is the latest innovative European squid jig to hit the Australian market. Manufactured by leading Croatian company DTD, this baby is taking the world by storm. Unlike any other product in the market, the defining difference is the White Killer cannot help but to be noticed by any lurking predators. Made with…

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    Kamiwaza Deco Pen II

    Looking for the ultimate Japanese made stick bait? Look no further as Valley Hill’s Kamiwaza Deco Pen II is now available in Australia through Dogtooth Distribution. This stickbait is truly one from the top shelf. Superbly crafted and detailed, the bait is perfectly weighted to ensure a superior diving and swimming action. Each lure is wood…

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    Valley Hill Jungle Rapper

    Japanese Tackle Giant Valley Hill consistently produces some of the world’s best bass lures, and the Jungle Rapper is no exception. With a nice profile and seven enticing colour combinations, the Jungle Rapper has only been available in Australia a short time, however has already been the undoing of many big bass. Ideal for casting in any…

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    DEPS Silent Killer

    Like its DEPS Slide Swimmer cousin, the Japanese-made DEPS Silent Killer oozes quality, durability, and sophistication. With big swimbaits all the rage, the Silent Killer is one of the best you will find in the Australian market, and has proven to be a magnet for Murray cod and big bass.  The Silent Killer is a large…

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    AFTA Winner: Splash drone 3 auto

    [Scroll down to watch video] The SwellPro Splash drone 3 auto has been designed to fly and land on or off the water, and has a payload release mechanism (max. 1kg) that lets you carry a line far out to sea and drop the bait at the desired location. The brand new propulsion system with new…

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    Geecrack Daisy Spin

    Small but deadly, the Geecrack Daisy Spin is a highly effective metal vibe, with the added attraction of a built-in spinning Colorado blade. Designed and manufactured by leading Japanese tackle provider Geecrack, the Daisy Spin is now available in Australia through Dogtooth Distribution. The Daisy Spin features a solid lead body which sharply descends to the…

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    Geecrack Suguri 60

    Looking for the ideal small shad bait? Check out the Geecrack Suguri 60, which is now available in Australia through Dogtooth Distribution. Designed and manufactured in Japan by leading tackle company Geecrack, this little guy packs a massive punch and features all the quality and attention to detail we have come to expect from this prestigious…

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    Geecrack Orenta

    The concept of the trusty metal vibe has been totally redefined with the arrival of the Geecrack Orenta, made in Japan and now available in Australia through Dogtooth Distribution. With an incredible swimming action, designed to maximise predator attraction, coupled with a 12 highly detailed colour combinations, this lure is a must for every serious fresh…

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    Matzuo Ikari Shad

    Named for the Japanese word for ‘anger’, the Matzuo Ikari Shad is exactly that: one angry little rattler! This lipless, slow sinking bait is the only shad in the market to feature Matzuo’s signature ‘bloody red’ flared gills and super sharp black nickel treble hooks. The Ikari’s chambered body houses stainless steel rattle bearings which produce…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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