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    Rovex D:8 Braid Line

    Rovex D:8 is an eight-carrier braid line made from high-quality Japanese HMPE fibres. The design delivers excellent casting distance, fish-fighting power and incredible value for money. Its round shape achieves a neater line lay on the spool, and it secures with a firm grip for tying strong knots. D:8 Braid is 20% stronger than standard PE…

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    Zerek Hy-Braid

    The new Hy-Braid from Zerek is a translucent braid that is visible outside the water and has a decreased visibility beneath the surface of the water. Hy-Braid is a unique hybrid hyperfill fibre line that has all the advantages of a traditional fused braided line without the disadvantages. The unique build of Hy-Braid allows for…

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    AFTA Winner: Kairiki PE Braid

    Smooth, supple and sensitive — these keywords sum up Shimano’s new Kairiki SX 8 braid. Being an eight-carrier Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) PE braid, its smooth finish means it creates less friction over rod guides when cast, and it slips through the water with reduced resistance and thrumming on the retrieve or when trolled. Kairiki…

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    Tournament 8 Braid Evo

    Over the years Daiwa Technology has set the standards for reel and rod development, and now in 2016, Daiwa has raised the bar and introduced a new premium 8 ply braid: Tournament 8 Braid Evo. Tournament 8 Braid Evo is available in high visibility chartreuse and multi-coloured, metered offerings, in 150m, 300m and bulk 1000m…

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    Aussie-made Platypus P8

    Extra thin and round, P8 is a premium quality braid from Platypus. Utilising eight-strand construction ensures P8 is one of the thinnest braids on the market. Round, smooth and supple, it will pack more evenly onto your reel for longer, accurate casts time after time. P8 is ideal for all lure casting applications, from light…

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    Yamatoyo PE Jigging 8X

    Yamatoyo PE Jigging 8X Braid is the latest release from the Yamatoyo Famell factory in Japan. This braid has been specially designed for bluewater specialists. Yamatoyo PE Jigging 8X braid is an 8-carrier woven braid to give you a super soft, fine diameter with zero water absorption, ultra-high sensitivity and outstanding tensile strength. It comes…

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    Rainbow Braid Elite

    The Black Magic team have released an upgraded version of their popular Rainbow braid. The new product is called Rainbow Braid Elite, and it’s available in six different line tests: 6lb and 12lb on 150m spools; and 20lb, 30lb, 50lb and 80lb on 300m spools. Like the original Rainbow Braid, Elite has 10m colour changes with…

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