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    Berkley Gulp Shrimp new colours

    Berkley Gulp 3” and 4” Shrimp now has new colours available. Just about all fish love to eat prawns, the Gulp Shrimp is a perfect choice to take advantage of this fact. They can be fished using different Nitro jigheads, depending on the situation, and the target species. Fish them on the bottom with short sharp…

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    Berkley Gulp 6” Swimming Mullet

    The Berkley Gulp 6” is the big daddy Swimming Mullet. The Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet’s ‘fat’ profile and flickering curl-tail is a deadly fish magnet, and is now available in 6” size for those big occasions. The swimming action of the large curl-tail, combined with an enticing ‘body roll’ at a slow retrieve, makes the 6”…

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    Berkley PowerBait PowerPop Frog

    A favourite meal of just about any freshwater fish is the frog. The new Berkley Power Pop Frog is a unique soft popper with inbuilt PowerBait scent and flavour. The Power Pop is equipped with a cup face popper at the front end and a mass of trailing legs at the backend combining to give it…

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    Berkley PowerBait 8” Eel

    Extremely life-like with an irresistible tail action, the Berkley PowerBait 8” Eel delivers a realistic eel profile, complete with 3D eyes and natural translucent colours. Berkley PowerBait 8” Eel is the perfect bait to mimic long and slender prey. At 8” long, it’s a big fish specialist. The eel tail-fin provides a subtle fluttering action on…

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    Berkley Gulp 3” Mantis Shrimp New Colours

    The Berkley Gulp Mantis Shrimp now has new colours. The Mantis Shrimp was created and designed to look like a shrimp. It has a slender body, feelers at the front, and tiny legs that wriggle in the current or when moved. This life-like Mantis Shrimp can be rigged and fished with any technique you choose. Fish…

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    Berkley Gulp 10” Eel

    Berkley Gulp 10” Eel is the perfect shaped bait to mimic long and slender prey. At 10” long, it’s a big fish specialist. The eel tail-fin provides a subtle fluttering action on the drop that predators find hard to resist. Rig the Eel on a Nitro Saltwater Pro or Stealth jighead in the salt for big…

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    Berkley Gulp Minnow has new colours

    Berkley Gulp 3” and 4” Minnow has new natural and high vis colours available. The Berkley Gulp Minnow is one of the most popular soft bait lures on the market and for good reason, they work! Berkley Gulp Minnows are extremely effective when chasing any species that eats small baitfish. Bream, flathead, trevally, trout, bass, and the…

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    Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet colours

    Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet has released new colours in their 3” and 4” range. Fish can’t resist the Swimming Mullet’s ‘fat’ profile and flickering curl tail. Rigged with the appropriate Nitro jig and worked with the correct retrieve technique the Swimming Mullet kicks, flicks, rolls and darts its way back to the rod tip! This shape…

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    Berkley PowerBait Giant Ripple Shads unrigged

    The Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad features a sleek profile complete with extremely life-like details, including 3D eyes and natural translucent colours. The ribs or ripples extending all the way to the bait’s tail set it apart from other similar baits on the market, creating additional water disturbance and vibration as well as a larger surface…

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    Berkley Fireline Ultra 8

    Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 delivers a line that is incredibly strong and abrasion-resistant yet long casting and user friendly, resisting wind knots like never before. Optimised for spin reels, Fireline Ultra 8 is ideal for all light to medium lure fishing applications. The unique fusing process using heat to molecularly bind thousands of Dyneema fibres gives…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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