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    Bassday Backfire

    Bassday’s expertise in the surface lure market is second to none, with the Sugapen one of the deadliest surface lures available. Bassday’s newest creation, the Backfire, was originally designed for black porgy (sea bream) in Japan, but it has proven itself in our local conditions already. And like the Sugapen, this new lure is set to…

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    New Sugapen colours

    The Sugapen is one of the most popular surface lures on the market today, and it comes in sizes that cater for both estuary and offshore fishing. Now the range has recently been expanded to include sizes from 58mm through to 120mm, which gives the lure enormous versatility. Bassday has also expanded the colour range, and…

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    Sugar Deep 90 Floating Boost

    The Sugar Deep 90 Floating Boost has the same profile as the Sugar Deep 90 Barra Tuned, but incorporates an innovative slide system to cast further and more accurately. Unlike the Sugar Deep 70 and 90, it is also a floating rather than a suspending lure. The unique weight system uses a sliding tungsten weight on…

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    Sugar Deep 90 Barra Tune

    Japan produce some of the most lifelike lures in the world and the Bassday Sugar Deep 90 Barra Tune is no exception, except this time it’s been tuned for Aussie conditions. This realistic 90mm jerkbait is available in seven fish-attracting colours, covering everything from clear to dirty water, making them ideal for inland dams as…

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    Bassday Sugapen 120

    The iconic Bassday Sugapen family has been expanded with a new larger 120mm model. It’s perfect for larger estuary fish as well as the offshore species. The 120 has all the fantastic attributes of the hugely popular 70mm and 95mm models. This new bigger brother has excellent casting distance, thanks largely to its slimline profile which…

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    Bassday Mogul Minnow 66

    The newest addition to the Bassday line-up for Australian anglers, the Mogul Minnow 66 is a new suspending twitchbait that bream and bass anglers are going to love. Featuring an internal weight transfer system for optimum casting performance, and an enticing side-to-side action when twitched and paused, this is a lure that will grab the attention…

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    Bassday Sugar Slim 70

    With the same attention to design, detail and performance as the Sugar Slim 55, the Sugar Slim 70 is the lure to use when predators are on the prowl for something a little larger. A floating, narrow baitfish profile that imitates a dying baitfish, few slim-line minnow imitators look this good, cast this far, or…

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    Bassday Sugar Slim 55

    Designed to imitate a dying minnow, the Bassday Sugar Slim 55 is equal parts precision, performance and refinement. A lure that casts like a bullet, courtesy of its internal weight transfer casting system, this is a lure with a distinct and enticing action, with a slow wobble and wide action, replicating perfectly a baitfish in…

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