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    Austackle King Stik

    Austackle has added another versatile lure to its line-up: the King Stik. It has a stickbait profile and can be cast and retrieved at high speed, or presented as a jig. Pre-rigged with twin assist VMC hooks, and constructed using straight through, one-piece internal wire, the King Stik is built tough and battle ready. Oversized…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Gizmo HD Spinnerbaits

    Murray cod sized rigs are now available from Austackle! Austackle Gizmo HD Spinnerbaits retain all the features of the popular smaller models including the Dacron assist stinger with flash (for a better hook-up and fewer dropped fish than solid ganged trailer hooks), replaceable skirts, UV features, top quality swivels plus heavy-duty Mustad hooks and super dense,…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Austackle Sugar Glider 80

    In response to customer demand, Austackle has developed a larger and heavier model Sugar Glider. It has been designed for use in deeper water for bigger species such as snapper, mulloway, big flathead, kingfish, barramundi, trevally and just about everything else! The Sugar Glider is one of the most versatile and deadly hardbodied lures you’ll…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Austackle Big Spritz

    Austackle’s Spritz just got bigger and stronger! This unique surface lure now comes in a 118mm version that weighs in at 27g. It’s easy to hurl, and has plenty of presence in the water to excite hard hitters like Murray cod, tuna, kingfish, barramundi, mangrove jack, trevally and more. The strength upgrade is achieved with one-piece…

  • Apparel

    Austackle Murray Cod Shirt

    Step out in style with a new design Murray Cod sublimated fishing shirt from Austackle. This lightweight, super-fast drying shirt will ensure you stay comfortable all day long. These shirts are long sleeved and without a cuff so you can stay cooler, while still having the flexibility to raise a sleeve if you so desire. The…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Austackle Crash Crank

    The Austackle Crash Crank is the new floating crankbait designed for tough targets. It’s perfect for Murray cod, barramundi, mulloway, estuary cod, golden perch, mangrove jack and many more.  The Crash Crank’s painted bib increases the profile of your lure while keeping it at a manageable size without the need for heavier rods. You can cast…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Austackle Baby Wobbler

    One of Austackle’s most popular crankbait profiles is now available in a bite size 50mm model for all the light tackle lovers out there! Just like the full size version, the Baby Wobbler is very easy to use and super effective on a wide range of species, in particular bass, redfin, yellow belly. The Baby Wobbler also…

  • Rods, Tackle

    Austackle Spirit Series

    Austackle has expanded its Spirit Series of rods, which now consists of two spin models (1-3kg/7’0” and 2-5kg/7’0”), and two baitcasters (2-5kg/5’06” and 2-5kg/6’0”). These rods deliver the perfect balance of sensitivity and power. The blanks use Japanese IM8 pre-peg carbon cloth and are fitted with CIGX Custom Incremental Geared wind-down reel seats, designed to prevent…

  • Lures, Videos

    Reaper 110 and Reaper 130

    Designed in Australia for Australian fish, the Austackle Reaper is built strong, with straight through, one-piece wire plus upgraded hooks and rings. With a deadly tail shake and body roll, it’s the perfect baitfish imitation for barra, mangrove jack, flathead, mackerel, tailor and other pelagic species. This new lure features  UV colours and solid rattle,…

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    Austackle Gizmo HD

    Big predatory fish are suckers for the flash and vibration of Colorado blades, and Austackle’s Gizmo HD Big Fish Edition takes full advantage of this. It’s built on a solid Mustad hook, perfect for snapper, kingfish, cobia, mulloway, big flathead, Murray cod and barra. You can retrieve the Gizmo HD in a number of ways….

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