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    New Atomic Metalz sizes

    Atomic Metalz were launched many years ago in a 35 and 40mm size. They immediately became a hit with bream and bass anglers, and were used effectively by some teams to win events where the fish were holding deep. The lure’s effectiveness is down to the careful design and the speed at which the blade works,…

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    Atomic Tims Prawn colour

    Prawns are a staple for feeding fish in all depths of water, and it makes sense that the Atomic Semi Hardz range adds a colour already present in the iconic Atomic Hardz range. Tims Prawn, a shrimp pattern, quickly became a go-to for anglers all over the country when it was introduced in the Hardz…

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    Atomic Hardz Vib 70

    Super tuned and super sized, the new 70mm Atomic Vib now sees the Atomic Hardz Vib range as the complete series, with three sizes (50, 60, and 70mm) making up this impressive range. Designed and tuned to swim straight and true all the time every time, the new 70mm model is a lure that can handle…

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    Atomic Hardz Vib 50

    The updated Atomic Vib is smaller than its 60mm cousin, making it the perfect new lure for freshwater and estuary fishing. The 50mm Vib is carefully balanced to move at all speeds for anglers who want the versatility to work in slow or fast waters. Inactive feeders such as yellowbelly and bass will go for it…

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