• Camping & 4WD

    Aquayak Banjo

    Lightweight, extremely stable, easy to paddle and available in a wide range of colours, the Australian-made Banjo is the perfect gift for kids. Like all Aquayaks, the Banjo’s rugged, one-piece construction guarantees a lifetime of enjoyment. Designed to accommodate paddlers up to 65kg, the Banjo’s cockpit is deep moulded, lowering the centre of gravity, making…

  • Latest Gear

    Aquayak Dive Float

    The new Australian-made Dive Float by Aquayak is here, and this high quality float is gaining a lot of interest from divers. The 10L Aquayak Dive Float measures 600mm
 long, weighs 1.8kg, and has a diameter of 160mm
. Its features include
: international dive flag, 75mm shark clip, forward and rear tow point, 500g lead keel, LDPE…

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