SX 40F new colours 376 and 377

The SX 40F lure from Ecogear is a very well respected light tackle crankbait, which has bee making an impact across Australia in all sorts of light tackle sport fishing with its lifelike action and colours, and it’s compact nature, making it a perfect casting lure. This year, Ecogear are introducing 2 new colors into the range, 376 and 377. These colours are perfect mimicking prawns, small baitfish, and small trout when you are using them in trout streams or dams. Paired with the irresistible action of the SX 40F, these lures will be taking fish like no tomorrow! These new lifelike colours are a must-have for any keen bream, bass or trout, but the applications could potentially be as wide as the angler’s mind. Available at any good tackle store, these new colours are set to go like hotcakes, so get out and grab your share before they all run out!

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