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Suzuki DF175A and DF150A

The new Suzuki DF175A and DF150A deliver outstanding power and performance together with superior fuel efficiency – all from a super compact and lightweight unit. Osawa Yasuharu, Executive General Manager, Global Marine Products Operation, Suzuki Motor Corporation said the DF175A and DF150A both benefit from Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System, which is designed to save fuel both at low speed and up into the cruising range. “The introduction of these new models will strengthen our line-up,” he said. “The new DF175A and the DF150A are packed with the very latest Suzuki’s technologies.” These new outboards are equipped with a Semi-Direct Air Intake System to provide the engine with a cooler flow of air, O2 Sensor to optimise combustion, and a knock sensor for superior reliability. Suzuki has also utilised its pioneering offset driveshaft to move the outboard’s centre of gravity forward, to improve balance and reduce vibration on the transom whilst contributing to the outboard’s overall compactness. The DF175A and DF150A will be available in early 2019.

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