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Sunline Siglon PE

Sunline‘s newest braid, Siglon PE, offers superior performance at an affordable price. Made from EX-PE fibres, Siglon PE is a tightly woven braid that provides superior abrasion resistance, a very thin diameter for its breaking strain, and minimal stretch. It is very easy to manage, with a stiff yet ultra-smooth and round profile, and is available in striking colour options. Siglon PE is available in 8 carrier PE (PEx8) and 4 carrier PE (PEx4). Both the PEx8 and PEx4 are Japanese-made, featuring great lineal and knot strength. The PE fibre provides high sensitivity and low colour bleed. Siglon PEx8 is available in light green, orange and multicolour. It comes in breaking strains of PE0.3 (5lb) to PE3 (50lb) in 150m spools, and PE0.6 (10lb) to PE10 (130lb) in 300m spools. Siglon PEx4 is available in light green. It comes in breaking strains of PE0.2 (3lb) to PE3 (50lb) in 150m spools, and PE1 (16lb) to PE3 (50lb) in 300m spools.

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