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Sugar Deep 90 Floating Boost

The Sugar Deep 90 Floating Boost has the same profile as the Sugar Deep 90 Barra Tuned, but incorporates an innovative slide system to cast further and more accurately. Unlike the Sugar Deep 70 and 90, it is also a floating rather than a suspending lure. The unique weight system uses a sliding tungsten weight on a rod assembly moulded into the body of the lure. When casting, the weight moves to the back of the lure, delivering greater distance. When the lure is retrieved, the weight moves forward along the rod to weight the lure level when paused. Like the Sugar Deep 90 Barra Tuned, the Sugar Deep 90 Floating Boost Shaft Glide has a tight wobble that will dive to 2.5m, making it ideal for impoundment and estuary fishing for a variety of species. For more information on this and other new releases, visit the Bassday Australia website, or check them out on Facebook at

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