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Sufix Advance Monofilament

When it comes to monofilament line, Sufix has raised the bar with its introduction of Sufix Advance at the 2017 AFTA trade show. Sufix Advance is the first and only mono to utilise HMPE raw material into a brand new magnetic extrusion process. HMPE is the raw material used to make all your favourite braided lines, and by incorporating HMPE with the Hyper Copolymer materials, Sufix Advance shatters all previously held records for mono. Sufix Advance boasts statistics like 96% knot strength, 50% less stretch than standard monofilament lines, and superior abrasion resistance thanks to a tough outer layer of HMPE molecules. Additionally, Sufix Advance absorbs less than half of the damaging UV light of a traditional mono, so it will last longer on your spool and won’t degrade over time. Soft and supple, Sufix Advance also has decreased memory, making it the most supple monofilament line ever created.

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