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Strike Pro Guppie New Colours

Strike Pro has released two new colours in its popular Guppie swimbait lures and spare tails. There are three crltails and 1 Paddletail in 5 colours to match the Guppie lures. The TrueGlide Guppie has been the gold standard for handmade wood glide baits throughout Europe and the U.S.A. The paint schemes incorporate using paint or glitter on the INSIDE SHELL of the bait, in addition to painting the outside shell, layering paint between topcoats for a 3-D effect. It also prolongs the colour of the bait fish after fish. Strike Pro has even replicated the 3-D eyes that TrueGlide are famous for. The Guppies body profile allows the lure to produce an amazing body roll and it slides from side to side in outstanding fashion. The Guppie also features an innovative cork screw at the tail of the bait allowing the angler to fish with either a curl tail or paddle tail soft plastic tail, creating the ultimate swimbait! The Guppie is a very effective lure that is deadly on Barramundi, Mulloway, Murray Cod and pelagic species.

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