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Shimano SLX XT

The new Shimano SLX XT has been released, and features the new SVS Infinity breaking system. This provides a much wider brake adjustment range than the 2018 SLX, so you have much greater control using the external dial to adjust the braking system with ease. This allows you to cast a wider range of lure styles and weights in varying fishing conditions. The aluminium Hagane body also helps to ensure that the reel is extremely rigid and durable, which is an upgrade on the composite body of the Casitas. Inside the XT’s Hagane Body, durable brass gearing delivers reliable cranking power and now 4+1 bearings to ensure the reel is smoother than before. Developed to replace the Casitas 150, the XT has a more versatile and compact size that is comparable to a 70 sized reel, however the XT offers the line capacity of a standard 150 size. A 48mm Throw Handle across three right hand model options, featuring gear ratios of 6.3:1, 7.2:1 (HG) and 8.2:1 (XG), and the max drag setting is now 4.5kg.

Price: RRP $229.95

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