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Shadow Rap 3X

The Rapala Shadow Rap has received an Australian upgrade. No other fishery demands more of its equipment, and anglers fishing for iconic species like barra demand a lure that can be fished straight out of the packet with no upgrades needed. The new Rapala Shadow Rap 3X and Shadow Rap Shad 3X feature upgraded VMC Coastal Black 3X strong 7556 Spark Point trebles and upgraded split rings. Comprising the 110mm Shadow Rap 3X in both deep and shallow bibs, and the smaller 90mm Shadow Rap Shad 3X in both depth varieties, the new range reinforces Rapala’s reputation of building some of the best barra lures available. Available in eight colours, these new lures feature the same unmistakeable Shadow Rap finish and action. Tuned to suspend in freshwater, the Shadow Rap 3X will turn back on itself with each twitch of the rod tip, bringing the biggest fish out of the shadows for a look.

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