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Samaki Squid Jig Box

The newly Samaki Squid Jig tackle box is now available. This box stores your squid jigs individually without spike hook-ups, thanks to foam compartments which keep your jigs separate from one another. It makes life a lot easier being able to store your jigs in a box free from other jigs and saltwater damage. The double-sided box holds a variety of sizes and weights, and each spike sits within its own foam casing. You also have the ability to place your jig weight within the foam slits for extra jig preservation. Samaki Split Foam tackle boxes come in five sizes, each designed for a variety of lure storage options, holding the smallest of flies up to your favourite vibes, hardbodies, jigheads and squid jigs. The range starts with a small single-sided model, and moves into four double-sided options of medium, large, extra-large, and jig extra-large. The soft slit foam insert has slits and holes for you to use your tackle box to the max, all without hook tangles. The UV-resistant lids reduce lure fade, and the waterproof o-ring and stainless steel hinges safeguard your lures and terminal tackle.

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