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Rod Holder Extender

If your rod holder is just out of reach, or the rod butt is hitting the deck of your kayak, check out the Railblaza Rod Holder Extender. The addition of a Rod Holder Extender to your rod holder will let you offset your rod holder too, adding another level of versatility. You can make your set-up ergonomically better, and get easier access to your rod holder. More importantly, you’ll have the rod in your hand faster when you get a strike. The Rod Holder Extender will fit any Railblaza rod holders, giving 125mm (5”) of extension. It is fully adjustable, allowing the rod holder to be extended outwards or conveniently position your rod holder closer to you on your kayak or boat. Care must be taken if you are using the Rod Holder Extender for trolling, as breakage can occur if drag is not set correctly on your reel. For more information on mounting options, or to view more products in the range, visit the Railblaza website.

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