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Reese Tarp Clips

Quick and easy, the Reese Tarp Clips are designed to create a handy anchor point anywhere along the edge of a tarp. There is nothing worse than trying to secure a tarp when the eyelet is broken. The Reese Tarp Clips eliminate this issue. The handy tarp clips provide a vise-like grip on the material to supply additional attachment points. Quick and easy to tighten and release, the Reese Tarp Clips are ideal for tarps, canopies, awnings, tents, covers and much more. Made with high impact resistant material the tarp clips are heavy duty and crack resistant.

Sold in a handy 4-pack, the Reese Tarp Clips come in a handy reusable container. They are available for purchase from Repco stores nation-wide. Reese has been producing a quality range of vehicle accessories since 1952. Full of features, the quality designs are safe and reliable for everyday use.

Price: SRP $9.99

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