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Rapala Xtreme 160 HDFFU

When fishing offshore, anglers often like to troll between spots to maximise their chances of catching a feed, and now Rapala has come up with the perfect bait for this application. As we know, Rapala makes lures that perform well, and look absolutely fantastic, and the Xtreme 160 is no exception to that, and with the new High Definition colours, they’re sure to see hungry fish launching themselves at it coming over the side. With the ability to handle trolling speeds of 15-20 knots, you can rest assured that this bait will stay in the water, and won’t come to the surface. This bait is perfect for tuna, mackerel wahoo, mahimahi and many, many more. Fitted with quality VMC trebles and built tough to handle the riggers of pelagic teeth, this is an absolute winner for anyone wanting to troll at high speeds offshore.

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