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Rapala Max Rap Walk’n Roll 1

The ‘do-all’ topwater bait, Max Rap Walk’N Roll spits, bobs, skitters, and slides across the surface in all conditions. The Walk’N Roll lure is weighted for maximum casting distance and ultimate stability in bad weather and rough conditions. Under a steady retrieve the Max Rap Walk’N Roll spits and rolls from side-to-side, and twitching and pausing creates a walking action. Cranking it in fast imitates a fleeing baitfish, while twitching it in place gives a head down bobbing motion. Fitted with VMC 7554 2X-Strong Ti coated inline treble hooks, the Walk’N Roll has a total length of 120mm, weighs 29g and is available in eight amazing high-quality finished colours that Rapala is world renowned for. Ask for them at your local tackle store today.

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